Adventures in Renovation: My New Kitchen

3D Virtual Kitchen Screen Shot

I am so excited!  Tonight, we met with the kitchen designers.  I could barely contain myself.  This was actually our second visit — we were there over the weekend to start the process. In one word, it was AWESOME (and I’m kinda signing that!).

Rewind to Sunday afternoon.   We were a little early for our appointment so the hubs and I tooled around the showroom just looking and admiring everything.  There had to be 25 (at least) sample kitchens to look at.  Gorgeous configurations.  Stunning cabinets.  Over the top granite.  Oh my!

Then we turned the corner.  And, there it was.  My kitchen.  I’d found it!  It was perfect!  There was really no need to see anything else.  It was kind of like buying a wedding dress.  You just know it’s right. And, this was JUST RIGHT!

"The" kitchen we fell in love with in the showroom! I love everything (except the hardware).

When our consultant was ready for us, we took him right over to my kitchen.  This is what we wanted.  Apparently, we made his job VERY easy.  All he had to do was crunch some numbers.  Just a few little numbers (with more zeros than I was prepared for). It would take a few days, so we made our appointment to come back tonight.

Fast forward to 7:15 pm tonight (Thursday).  Believe me, the wait from Sunday to Thursday was just about impossible for impatient me.  How am I ever going to make it through this entire process?!?  So we go right into the conference to talk numbers.  I instantly get a pit in the bottom of my stomach.  Please let this work in our budget.  Please. Please!

First off — the good news. He was able to swap the locations of our fridge and ovens.  And the new configuration looks great!  Yay!  But, you could hear the “but…” coming.    But….we have a LOT of cabinets and wanted a bunch of upgrades.  Oh God.  Pit in stomach is starting to burn…. The quote was $4,000 over our budget.  Uggghhh.  For some reason, I always manage to pick out the most expensive options.  It’s just a knack I have.

So, we took another spin around the show room and found another wood/color combo that we really liked. REALLY liked!  It was a little darker than the first one.  But it actually went much better with the hardwood flooring we chose.

I LOVE this color -- even more than the first!

Back to number crunching.  While we waited, we wandered around and took some photos. The moment of truth….we were only $800 over our budget.  Definitely an acceptable number!  And, once we put all of our samples together (cabinet, flooring and counter tops), it all came together!  GORGEOUS!

And, the best part?  We got to see our kitchen in 3D!  It was awesome!  I can play around with flooring and paint colors to get an idea of what the final product will look like!  How sweet is that?!?!

3D Virtual Kitchen Screen Shot -- another view

3D Virtual Kitchen Screen Shot -- top view


Lesson(s) learned

I actually realized 2 important things in this process.  First, it helps to be organized.  My big, white idea binder really helped.  I knew exactly what I wanted to get out of my new kitchen.  Therefore, I wasn’t talked into things I didn’t want/need.

Number two…This renovation is a HUGE thing for us.  I can’t imagine that I’ll every be going through this process again.  Know your budget and find something you love in that budget.  You’ll know what’s right when you find it.

Now, dear lord, I have to go back to waiting….and waiting…and waiting!  Maybe I’ll start mapping out how I’m going to fill all of new cabinets?!?!

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  1. Opal says

    Love your blog! Following you from blog hop.. I’m Opal from, hope you can check it out sometime.. 😀

  2. says

    Hi! LOVE your new kitchen, very jealous! Following you via GFC and facebook from Hop Along Friday! Hoping you can follow and ‘like’ my FB as well :)


  3. Bev says

    That’s a huge difference in cost – I’m glad it’s going to work out for you with the second style. We’ve been in our home for over 25 years and still waiting for a new kitchen : D ours is an originial from 1929. Maybe-someday : D

  4. says

    How exciting! I’m glad that you found what you like & what will work for you. 😉

    I’m a new follower from Susie’s “U Follow Me I Follow U Friday Blog Hop”

    • says

      Actually, there aren’t any “before” photos. We are putting on an addition and the kitchen will be in the new part! So it’s brand-spankin’ new!

  5. NPO says

    So glad you won on the wood floor :-)and I like the darker color WAY better. Great choice! Now to the waiting….

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