Cinnamon French Toast Bake

This Cinnamon French Toast Bake is an easy breakfast recipe because it starts with refrigerated cinnamon rolls.

Cinnamon Roll French Toast Bake

One night (very, very late at night), as I was wandering around cyber-space, I came across a recipe for this Cinnamon French Toast Bake.  And, just like going to the grocery store on an empty stomach, you shouldn’t wander around cooking blogs on an empty stomach either!  I found myself bookmarking LOTS of recipes!

This recipe, from Oh My Sugar High, was one of the recipes I found that night!

I so wanted to love this recipe.  Really.  I did.  I love cinnamon rolls.  I love french toast.  How could combining the two not be perfect?

Unfortunately, for me, it wasn’t perfect.  The concept was great.  I think it all started to go wrong when I added the eggs.  I couldn’t handle the texture.  It was too squishy (? – I think that’s how I can best describe it).  Sort of like the texture of bread pudding.  I have texture issues.  I have a hard time eating foods that are slippery or wet. I just don’t like the feeling in my mouth.  Weird.  I know.  I accept my flaws.

Flavor wise, this was pretty good.  But I wasn’t blown away.  I think I’ll stick to my new-found recipe for Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes.

Have you ever make this recipe?  Weigh in and let me know what you thought of it.

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  1. Breanne Smith says

    Have you ever used Ziplist for collecting recipes? It is awesome. It includes an original link to your page to get the full recipe information and it clips all the ingredients for me then sorts and adds them to my grocery list if I want it to. I can store all my favorite recipes in one place and don’t have to worry about loosing them. I am not an advertiser, I don’t even have a website I just love ziplist. Saves on paper when my printer still needs to be unpacked. (Just moved to a new place a week ado.)

  2. Rachel says

    I made this, and left it in for the whole 28 minutes. The inside was not squishy at all-my hubby has texture issues, and ate it fine :) The only thing I’d do differently is skip the butter in the bottom of the pan. It just made the bottom kind of weird…squishy-like…but was super easy to scrape off and enjoy! Thanks for the recipe! :)

    • Kasey says

      We made this two days ago. I happened to read your comment beforehand and left the butter out. The bottom still had a weird texture..soft and kinda icky. I’m pretty sure it’s from the syrup that you pour on before cooking. It just settles in the bottom of the pan. Next time we make it I will leave that step out, and just pour it on after it’s cooked..hopefully that will help with the wetness of it. All 5 of my kids, and my husband loved it! I do have one with texture issues and he said, “it’s okay but the bottom’s kinda..” and I said, “yeah weird! You can scrap it off” then he loved it too! 😀

  3. says

    This looks delicious! Stopping by from the Hump Day blog Hop. I liked you on Facebook so I can stop back again for your yummy recipes.

  4. says

    Ahhhhh, my grandma use to make this and I never got the recipe :(

    It looks great I am taking down the recipe now!

    I am a new follower!

    Feel free to stop by my blog or my new social network for bloggers:

    Blogaholic Social Network

    Hope to see you there!

  5. says

    YUM YUM YUUUMMMMY!! ;))) Absolutely Loving your blog.. Found ya on blog hop Tuesday. I’m officially following ya and loving it ) Can’t wait to indulge in more of your posts.. ) Hope you can stop by and visit sometime ) TY

  6. says

    Shame on me I can’t resist this recipe. I printed it immediately.
    Thanks! Really I mean it 😉
    I grabbed your blog button. Became your GFC and NetworkedBlogs. Then I voted on your Fence and subscribed to your feed.

    I am following you via Take Three Tuesday Blog Hop. Stop by my blog and say hell when you have time.

  7. Sarah Kate says

    This looks too amazing for it not to turn out perfect! :o( How sad that it turned out squishy. I have a huge texture problem with food, too, so even if it tastes good, if it doesn’t feel the way I expect it to in my mouth, I can’t eat it.

    I love how you give honest opinions of the your recipes! What a great help that is! I cook all three meals everyday here at the house, so I’m always looking for new stuff!!

  8. Liz says

    It does look good although I also have the problem of slippery wet textures. I would try it though. I am always up for trying new foods. Who knows the kids might like it and that is worth it. My kids are picky. LOL

    Following from the blog hop.

  9. says

    Well, it certainly LOOKS delicious! But I agree with you…squishy stuff (like scrambled eggs, I’m afraid to say) just don’t sit well with me. Following you! :)

    I really like your blog – I’m trying to get mine off the ground and was wondering if you could come check it out and consider following.

    Hope you have an *amazing* day! :)


  10. Grumpy Grateful Mom says

    I’m not hungry, at all, and that still looks fabulous! Anything with whipping cream has to be good I think.

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