The Pioneer Woman Cooks Cookbook Review: Post Your Recipes Here!


The Pioneer Woman, a.k.a. Ree Drummond, is one of my favorite foodie bloggers.  Her blog is fantastic — great tutorial-esque posts, gorgeous photography, witty humor.  She’s got it all!    I was so excited that this book was selected for the review.  It gave me a legitimate reason to purchase her book (which I’ve been meaning to do).  Like, I really needed a reason to purchase another cookbook!?!?!

Over the past few weeks, a number of my wonderful, foodie readers have been testing out recipes from The Pioneer Woman Cooks (and from the Barefoot Contessa’s Back to Basics) to determine, whether or not, the book is a “keeper”!


If you have a blog: you can post your review (and whether or not it’s a keeper) with photo on your blog and link it up using the blog hop. I’ll be posting the blog hop on April 8th! If you need instructions on how to do this, just let me know.


You can email me (itsakeeperblog (at) gmail (dot) com) your review and photo and I’ll post it as a guest post on It’s a Keeper.  Then, I’ll link up your recipe to the blog hop for you!

To learn more about participating in the project, or for ideas on what to post, check out some of my previous posts.  Now, on to the recipes….


Don’t forget to leave a comment, letting everyone know if you think the book was a “keeper” or not!

Thanks for participating!

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  1. Jane George says

    Big PW fan, love the cookbook, my daughter has stolen my copy though. My favorite is the chicken legs in tomatoes.

  2. Melinda says

    Love “The Pioneer Woman Cooks”! Gave the book to my sister for her birthday. I cook by memory – she cooks by recipe. It was perfect for her. I have tried a number of her recipes – they are all good and great for a family. It’s a Keeper!

  3. says

    OOOps, sorry–that Blue cheese crusted filet mignon wasn’t from your cookbook. SORRY! I got my linkies mixed up…trying to do too much at one time. Delete PW if you need! Its number 5.

  4. says

    I love her cookbook! A Keeper for sure! I have tried the Burgundy Mushroom (fantastic), Grilled rib-eye with onion blue cheese sauce, and the chicken piccata. All Are keepers….esp those awesome mushrooms.

  5. says

    I love all of Ree’s recipes. I haven’t found one I didn’t like yet! I have done the sleepin’ in omelette, monkey bread, and chicken picatta.

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