Drunken Pork Chops

Drunken Pork Chops It's a Keeper

I don’t know about you, but I get so bored with my regular weeknight dinner rotation.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Taco Tuesday as much as the next guy, but sometimes I want to shake it up.   One afternoon, I was scouring my recipe pile (which has now grown exponentially thanks to Pinterest!), and I came across a recipe for Drunken Pork Chops.  They had me a drunken!

After reading the recipe, I realized it was quite similar to my recipe for Slow Cooker Beer Braised Short Ribs.   So, in typical me fashion, I tweaked the recipe a bit and incorporated some of the flavors from my Short Ribs recipe.  The result…to die for!


Is It a Keeper?

I asked my 6 year old what he thought of dinner and his exact words were, “Mama, it’s like an explosion of flavor in my mouth!”.  I kid you not.  Those were his exact words!  He’s not overly dramatic or anything.  Do ya think?  Oh, and dinner that night got two thumbs AND two big toes up!  I’d say it’s a keeper!

Make sure you use a meat thermometer to test your chops for doneness — I go by 160 degrees.  I used thin boneless chops and the entire dish came together very quickly.  And, if cooking with beer is not your thing, substitute beef broth.  I wouldn’t recommend using a light beer though.  The darker the better.  Yuengling Lager worked perfectly — and it’s the only beer we drink in our house.

Honestly, this recipe couldn’t be simpler.  I got it started, then turned the stove off and went to soccer practice.  When I got home, I simply picked up where I left off.   So easy.  I served it with Cheesy Parmesan Orzo and steamed broccoli and it was a huge hit.  Even the leftovers were super tasty!  It’s now be a permanent staple on my weeknight dinner rotation!  What’s your go-to weeknight dinner?


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  1. carrie says

    This sounds really good but what size bottle of beer and could you finish cooking this in a slow cooker. Thanks

    • says

      I use a 12 oz bottle of Yuengling Lager beer when I make this. As for finishing it in the slow cooker…I’m not sure. I usually use thin pork chops so the whole recipe only takes me 30 minutes or so from start to finish. If you use thicker pork chops you may be able to use your slow cooker — the thin pork chops that I use would definitely dry out.

      I’d love to hear how you make out if you decide to use the slow cooker, though! Good luck! :)

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