Impossibly Easy Butterfinger Pie

Wondering what to do with all of that leftover Halloween candy?  This Impossibly Easy Butterfinger Pie one of my favorite easy dessert recipes.  It comes together in no time at all and is always a crowd pleaser!

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It’s 10:30 PM…the kids are in the bed.  The house has quieted down from a hectic day.  You’ve settled in to catch up on your favorite Real Housewives or Scandal.  Then you hear it.  That faint voice calling your name.  “Chriiiistina!”  “Chrisssstiiiina…”

You get up and follow the voice into the kitchen.  Some strange force makes you reach into the uppermost cabinet on the top shelf, behind the ice bucket.  You carefully pull out the shoe box that is loaded with Halloween candy.  Surprisingly, the voices have stopped.  It seems that chocolate quiets them.

Does this sound familiar?  This strange phenomenon happens all the time at my house!  It usually happens when there is chocolate or ice cream involved!

Now that Halloween is over, I have found that we have waaaaay too much chocolate in the house.  I know that just sounds wrong, but honestly, if it’s in my house, the voices will know it’s there and they will force me to eat it.  No matter how hard I try!

If you’re like me, you need to find clever (and delicious) ways to use up Halloween candy so the voices will stop.  This pie is just the ticket!

Like the name states, it’s impossibly easy – there are only a few simple ingredients.   And, you can make it in a jiffy!  No baking.  No muss.  No fuss.  Just pure deliciousness!  Oh, and if Butterfingers aren’t your thing, why not try Snickers?  Or, Twix?  Or, Milky Way?

A big thank you to my friend, Angelina (the one who share the recipe for Bacon Glazed Carrots), for sharing this amazing recipe with me (and you!).

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