{VIDEO:} 3 Ways to Separate Egg Whites

In this quick video, I will show three ways to separate egg whites from the yolks and I’ll show you a really cool trick that will impress your friends!  This post may include affiliate links. Feel free to read my disclosure statement. All opinions shared are my own and not influenced by other sources.

3 Ways to Separate Egg Whites and a Really Cool Trick

If you love light airy meringue based recipes or luscious, decadent pastry creams, you will need to separate egg whites and/or yolks.  Separating  egg yolks can be a tedious task.  Not only do you have to ensure that shell fragments don’t make their way into your bowl (this ALWAYS happens to me) but you have to be gentle and make sure you don’t break the yolk.

There are countless gadgets out there to help with this task – like this one, this one and this one.  But I’m going to show three easy ways to get the job done without any extra gadgets, gizmos or fancy-schmancy tools!  Plus, I’m going to show a really cool trick to separate egg whites that you can use to impress your friends and family!   Really, I think you’ll be amazed!   It’s so much fun!   Plus, your kids can help you too!

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  1. Naznin Azeez says

    Oooh I love the cool trick.. So cool indeed.. I usually do the first method.. I came over from the Wonderful Wednesday linky. It’s sweet you are doing it. I am gonna link up too!

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