All Aboard!

My son is completely obsessed with the Polar Express!  We have watched the movie at least 52 times in the past 3 weeks!  This past weekend, we had the pleasure of attending an awesome Polar Express party!  My dear friend, Jill, really knows how to throw a party.

I thought it would be fun to show you some of the Polar Express themed goodies that we had.

Each child received authentic Polar Express tickets and hole punchers…

Polar Express party

All of the little conductors got their own PE Golden Tickets and punchers!

And, we looked for jingle bells that Santa left for them…

Polar Express Party

Everyone found jingle bells left by the "big guy" himself!

And, of course, there Polar Express themed food!  Check it out…

Polar Express party

Train-shaped pizza (before baking)

Polar Express party

Train pizza (after baking)

Polar Express Party

Plates of cotton candy "snow balls"

Polar Express Party

Christmas ornament cupcakes (how cute are these?!?)

And, any party that you can wear your PJs to is A-OK in my book!  Thanks, Jill, for a wonderful time!  The little guy is still talking about how much fun he had!

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8 thoughts on “All Aboard!

  1. Where did you get the gold “Polar Express” tickets? My sister is a teacher and is hosting a “Polar Express” party for her class and I am helping her with ideas. I would really love to find tickets that look like the ones from the movie. Please send me an email if you have time.
    Thank you! Brenda

    1. I made them myself. I found some images (on Google images) and created my own. They turned out pretty good…the kids loved them! They each got a ticket and a hole puncher to use. It was a huge hit!

      1. Hi.. I was just wondering if you are willing to share your tickets.. I am doing the reading and a very fun day full of activities for my Kindergarten class. I have everything but the tickets…

        It would be appreciated so much if you would share. Thank you.

          1. Hi there :) Were you able to find the file for the amazing tickets you made. My son has to be a car from the Polar Express train and I would love to put a few gold tickets on the outside of his box. Thanks so much.

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