23 Recipes Using Snickers Bars

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Prepare yourself to DEVOUR some of the best Snickers Bar recipes! Turn a beloved Snickers bar into a whole new experience with these delicious recipes including Snicker Apple Salad, Snickers Cake, and Snickers Pie. 

a collection of 20+ snickers bar recipes


In fact, these Snickers Bar Recipes will open excitingly delicious new doors for all Snickers addicts! The WIDE range of different ways to incorporate this lovable treat into awesome recipes will leave you speechless! 

Did you know that this iconic candy was named after a horse? Find out its history here. This recipe collection the will call to all Snickers Bar lovers! You will instantly fall in love with these innovative and creative ideas.

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Decadent Snickers Bar Recipes 

Learn how to make a magnificent homemade Snickers Bar with these incredible recipes! Namely, these homemade treats taste even better than the original! 

Below you will find the PERFECT evolution to the classic Snickers Bar! 

a variety of different recipes using snickers bar

Snicker Apple Salad Recipes 

 You can turn a boring, basic salad into an INCREDIBLE sweet treat with these Snicker Apple Salad recipes! Your taste buds will adore these crispy, apple filled and chocolatey recipes!  

an assortment of snicker salad and snicker apple salad that are delicious

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Snickers Cake Recipes 

Need a new and exciting idea for dessert this week! Combine cake with caramel and candy bars for a decadent dessert that your family will not be able to stop eating.

a group of awesome snicker cake recipes.

Snicker Pie Recipes 

The simple recipes below taste like biting into a little pieces of paradise! Moreover,  each bite taste better than the last! 

Furthermore, these Snicker Pie recipes will certainly satisfy your taste buds! 

a variety of incredible snickers pie recipes.

  • No Bake SNICKERS® Pie: Lots of leftover Halloween candy? However, you can repurpose it with this wonderful recipe! 
  • No Bake Snickers Bar Pie : Of Course, is almost impossible to find a recipe as tasty and simple as this! 
  • Butterscotch Snickers Pie : This delicious, dessert recipe will SWALLOW the attention at your next holiday party and beyond! 
  • Apple Snickers Pie : This decadent dessert will be the most talked about dish at your next holiday function! 
  • Oreo Snickers Pie : Immediately impress your family then next holiday create this stunning dessert. Truly no basic baking skills required. 

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