8 Fun Outside Activities to Do with Your Kids

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Get ready for summer with this list of Fun Outside Activities to do with Your Kids!

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/a>When I was growing up, we spent hours outside riding our bikes to friends’ houses and playing in the playground at the local school. My husband grew up building forts in the neighbor’s bushes and playing baseball on spring weekends from dawn to dusk.

Now, I feel like there are days when I have to push my kids outside. Because we have several game playing systems, my kids think I will let them play whenever they want. Fortunately, I have a few tricks up my sleeve for getting my kids outside, including posting a sign to let everyone know: “No Inside Play.” Since I love doing nature walks, my outside activities focus around things to do during nature walks. You can easily do these in your own yard or at the local park.

This is Barb of A Life in Balance back with some easy to do and FUN outdoor activities to do with your kids. I guarantee once you do one of these activities with your kids, they’ll get inspired to do the activity on their own with their own twists. You can hang out in the shade with a glass of ice tea and watch your kids make memories.

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8 Fun Outside Activities


Depending on the age of your kids, challenge them to find different things. Spice up the scavenger hunt by setting a time limit or limit the area to the ground or eye level. If you need help identifying anything, the library offers lots of fantastic books including the One Small Square series.

  • colors – yellow, red, orange
  • types of trees – deciduous vs. evergeen, oak, maple birch, dogwood
  • flowers
  • types of birds

Hiking Songs

If you were a Girl Scout or Boy Scout, dig into your repertoire of camp songs. Preschool songs with their repetition and rhythmic beat work well, too.

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Counting Game

Count the number of each thing you find in nature. This is a great game for the younger kids, encouraging them to burn off energy while practicing their counting skills.

  • butterflies
  • birds
  • flowers
  • types of rocks
  • types of trees
  • steps from one tree to another

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Identify That Sound

Learn the bird calls and songs for your native birds. Make sure you go out at night and early dawn to hear a variety of calls and songs. Try identifying the insect sounds, too.

Birding by Ear is a fantastic CD compilation I’ve used to teach my kids common bird songs for our area. Birding by Ear uses phonetics, mnemonics, and descriptive words to help listeners remember bird calls. Learn a few before going out on your nature walk and see who can identify the most bird songs and calls.


When someone yells freeze, everyone stops in a statue-position. You’re out if you move. Or, you do 5 pushups, or 5 jumping jacks – whatever variation works for your kids.



Letterboxing or Geocaching

Letterboxing and Geocaching are growing hobbies for many families. Check both sites to see if there are letterboxes or geocaches near your home. Bring along your supplies for finding the letter box or geocache site.

Charades: Imitate a Bird or Animal

While taking a water or snack break in your yard, play charades using the behavior of animals and birds you see around you.


Have each kid take a turn being the navigator for a walk around the neighborhood. Using a map and a compass, or just a map, the navigator decides on the route to take for a 30 to 45 minute walk. To extend the activity, have the kids create a map of their neighborhood with pictures of favorite spots like the library and the ice cream parlor.

Once you’ve tried these ideas and need some more, grab a copy of my free printable list of 100 Simple Outdoor Activities to do with Your Kids.

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