Beef Bourguignon

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Or, boeuf bourguignonne (said in my best Julia Child voice).  For those of you that have read my “About” page, you know that I started this blog after watching the movie Julie and Julia.  Except, instead of cooking my way through a cookbook, I’m cooking my way through my (ever growing) pile of collected recipes.  So, I thought it was only appropriate to make this recipe for my one-year-of-blogging milestone.

I read the recipe over and over.  It’s quite long and involved so I wanted to make sure that, A.) I had all of the ingredients and tools that I needed to make the dish and B.) I had an idea about what I was getting myself into.

Is It a Keeper?

Here's a look inside the pot as it's simmering away

Didn’t I tell you that the recipe was long and involved?  My initial thoughts were, “It’s only beef stew.  How different can this one be?”   I mean, seriously, did you see that recipe above?

But I trudged ahead and made it anyway.  And, oh my gosh!  I am so glad I did!  This was one of the best meals I have ever made!  This stew was so rich and delicious.  I have never had a beef stew that was as good as this.  This recipe was definitely a food of love — not a set-it-and-forget-it recipe.  And, the best part was, we all LOVED it!

I recommend that you get Julia Child’s cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  Not only will you have a book chocked full of her infinite wisdom, But, she also provides the instructions for making the pearl onions and the mushrooms.  Pure perfection!

It’s the perfect recipe to make on a lazy afternoon.  So go get some bacon and Chianti and fire up the stove!  Your family will thank you!

Have you ever made this recipe?  What do you think?  What did you serve with it?

30 thoughts on “Beef Bourguignon”

  1. How timely!!! Today’s episode of ‘Julia Cooks’ on PBS/Create TV was with Jacque Pepin & they made this!!!
    So excellent — thank you!
    Barb P.

  2. Visiting you from — I found your blog through the Friday blog hop at Thank’s Mail Carrier and am now following you on GFC — After I watched Julie & Julia, this is the first recipe I made!

  3. Been dying to try this recipe…hope to give it a try in the next or two! I have one question for now…what is blanched bacon rind and how important is it?

    • I bought a slab of bacon from my butcher’s deli case. The rind is the outside part. You blanch the rind in boiling water (like blanching veggies). I’ll be honest….I would use regular bacon next time and skip the whole blanching the rind part. I don’t know that it added that much to the dish. There are so many other layers of flavor in the dish that my un-refined palate probably wouldn’t even notice. 🙂

    • Thanks for the visit, redethel! I’m now following your blog, too! Thanks for stopping by and be sure to come back soon! 🙂


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