How to Host the Perfect Summer Party

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Don’t sweat the details.  Let me show you how to host the perfect summer party.

One of the best things about summer are outdoor parties!  I love hosting outdoor parties for several reasons.  First, they are so much fun!  It’s easy to implement a unique theme (such as luau or wild west) plus you can plan all sorts of fun activities, such as these.

The other thing I like about hosting summer parties is there isn’t so much pressure.  People are more relaxed when they are congregating around a grill.  Maybe it’s the Vitamin D from the sunshine?!?

My approach when planning a summer party is relaxed and easy.

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Here are 6 easy tips for Hosting the Perfect Summer Party:

1. Plan for fun and relaxation.  Create comfortable seating that invites conversation.  Group chairs together in clusters or set up smaller tables around the yard in shaded areas. Have cushions and blankets on hand in case guests want to take the party to the ground.

2. Stick to the rule of 3. Pick 3 main colors within your theme and coordinate decorations, tableware and accessories.

3.  Make zones. Food prep and grilling, a beverage and food serving area and dining and seating. And, don’t forget to place trash and recycling containers in several places. These are my favorite for the patio.

4.  Light it up.  Make sure you have plenty of lighting on hand for when the sun goes down.  Strings of twinkle lights, candles and solar lanterns are festive and functional.

5.  Be prepared.  Keep outdoor essentials such as sun block and bug spray on hand for your guests.

6.  Choose the right food.  Planning your menu to fit the environment is key.  If you don’t have access to refrigeration (or lots of ice) steer clear of mayo based salads and sides. And, if there isn’t enough table space for everyone, stay away from foods that need to be cut.  Check out my party planning food guide  and my party planning checklist.

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