The Not-So-Fun Side of It’s a Keeper

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For the past (almost) 14 months, I have loved every single thing about writing this blog.  The recipes (even the ‘not-a-keepers’), sharing the results with you, your suggestions and feedback…everything!   Ok, well not everything.  The overflowing sink filled with dirty dishes on a regular basis is one thing I could do with out!

There are some days (usually Sundays when I do my big cooking) when I look at the sink and surrounding counter and kinda, sorta wanna cry…a little.  I really don’t like washing dishes.  At all.

Luckily, I have a dishwasher.  And, believe me, I usually pack that sucker up with so many dishes that I wonder if the little water-spinning-thing will actually be able to spin!  But somehow, some way, all the dishes come out amazingly clean.

While I love my dishwasher, I never put my pots and pans or knives in there.  I’m weird like that.  And, you can imagine how many pots and pans I use testing out all of the recipes that I’ve been posting!  So, I’m left to wash all of them.  By hand.  Ugh.

To make the best of it, I put on my favorite playlist and get to scrubbing.  The one good thing is I always feel a big sense of accomplishment when the mountain of grimy dishes (and my kitchen counters) are squeaky clean.

Ok….enough procrastinating.  Time to get back to the dishes.  UGH!


7 thoughts on “The Not-So-Fun Side of It’s a Keeper”

  1. We put Butt Paste on everything… well, everything in the irritated skin department. Butt Paste and Neosporin. Amazing stuff.

  2. Okay…this made me laugh. But I’ll have to try it because my hands get rough during the winter. Have you tried it on your feet? hehe

    New follower from Wednesday Wanderings

  3. Ohhhh thanks for the tip, in the Winter my skin is the WORST! We also don’t put our pots and pans in the dishwasher so I know what you mean about all of them stacking up, ugg. Well I am off to get a free sample, thanks so much for the heads up. Have a fantastic week! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. What an excellent idea. Who would have thought to use diaper creme on hands! My hands get very dry as well. I will most definitely keep this in mind if my regular lotion stops working. Thanks for the tip.

  5. I SO know what you mean about dry hands! Not only do I do like 3 loads of dishes a day, I do daycare which means I’m wiping noses and changing diapers which require handwashing every 8 seconds. I so get it. Thanks!

  6. I was having the same problem with dried out hands. My husband came home one day with some really nice gloves from williams sonoma that I now use every single time I load the dishwasher (I don’t tend to hand wash anything). I was just thinking this morning about how much softer my hands are since using them! And I NEVER lotion my hands. the gloves have worked wonders. I’m saying this as my sink is full of yesterday’s dishes…


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