Ribbon Laced Mother’s Day Card

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This Ribbon Laced Mother’s Day Card is an easy, kid friendly project.

This Ribbon Laced Mother's Day Card is an easy, kid friendly project

My favourite thing to receive for Mother’s Day is cuddles from my kiddies, but my second favourite is handmade cards. There is something so special about a card that has been created with love by a loved one, with all the thought and care that has gone into it.

This handmade card is perfect for teens and older kids to make and even younger kids with some help from a grown up.

Here’s what you’ll need:

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  • A piece of card stock large enough to fold in half
  • A piece of pretty paper or card stock
  • Some thin ribbon
  • A single hole punch (you can use a double but the single will be easier to use)
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Glue stick
  • Tape
  • Markers or pens
  • A template if you don’t trust your drawing skills

Let’s get making:

First of all, you are going to want to fold your card stock in half to form a card shape. Then you can go ahead and draw your template on the front.

I’ve chosen to go with a heart and once it’s drawn on you’ll need to cut it out. You can do this with a pair of scissors by first creating a hole in the centre of the heart for the scissors to start at or with a craft knife.

Once your heart is cut out you’ll need to cut out a smaller heart from the pretty paper or card stock. If you use paper, be sure to glue it to a piece of card stock to prevent it from tearing when you start the lacing. This heart needs to be smaller so that it can fit inside the other heart with the lacing in between.

Now you need to punch holes around the edge of the smaller heart and around the edge of the heart shape on your card. Make sure you have the same amount of holes in each, to do this you’ll need to space them further apart on the larger heart.

This Ribbon Laced Mother's Day Card is an easy, kid friendly project

Take your piece of ribbon and thread it through the first hole on the card and secure it with a small piece of tape or glue. Placing the smaller heart inside the larger heart, start threading the two hearts together so that the smaller heart fills the larger heart. Secure the end of the ribbon with a small piece of tape or glue.

You can now write Happy Mother’s Day on the front and fill the card with a special message and you’re done.

This Ribbon Laced Mother's Day Card is an easy, kid friendly project

You can use this same concept for other cards by changing the shape of the cut out and if you are feeling adventurous you can even use two different ribbons threaded in opposite directions to add a different look.

What is your favorite Mother’s Day Gift you’ve ever received?


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