Garage Sale Secrets

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If you have lots of items you no longer need or want, consider having a yard sale or garage sale. This is a great way to give new life to things you no longer want and earn some extra cash.  Learn how to have a garage sale and my garage sale tips here.

Secrets to a Successful Garage Sale - get all of my best tips for making the most from a yard sale

Now that the warmer weather is upon us, it’s time to start cleaning out and getting organized. But, don’t just get rid of all of your unwanted items. Hold a yard sale or garage sale an make some extra cash.

How to Have a Garage Sale

Secrets to a Successful Garage Sale - get all of my best tips for making the most from a yard sale

  • Collect items year round: I keep a plastic tote in my basement specifically for yard sale items.
  • Price items as you go: When I come across something I no longer want I immediately put a price sticker on it and stash it in the box. This way it’s much easier come yard sale day!
  • Clean out holiday decorations: Each season as you put away your holiday decorations, pull out any items you no longer want and add them to your yard sale box.
  • Clean out your garage: When it comes time to clean your garage, make a box for items you no longer want. Tools and yard equipment have good resale value.
  • Stock up on price stickers and permanent markers: I keep a supply of price stickers and permanent markers near my yard sale box. This way, when it comes to put a price on my items, I have everything I need. Tip: Skip the pre-priced stickers – it’s more economical to cut plain address labels into smaller price stickers.
  • Promote your sale:  Use signs, newspaper ads, Craigslist or Facebook yard sale pages like these in the northeast PA area:

Secrets to a Successful Garage Sale - get all of my best tips for making the most from a yard sale

Tips for Hosting a Garage Sale

  • Get everyone involved: Get your family and friends to join and sell their items with you. The more items you have the better you will do.
  • Pick a good day: Watch the weather to make sure that rain isn’t predicted. And, pay attention to what’s going on the in community – if there’s a big event, it may take away from your sales.
  • Stay legal: Check with your local municipality to see if you need to get a permit or if there any other regulations
  • Attract customers: Promote your sale in newspapers and online (Facebook, Craigslist, etc…). You may also want to put a sign in front of your house.
  • Set up early: People love to shop sales early. Make sure you’re set up in time. It’s also good to set up as much as you can the night before
  • Have enough space: Need more tables? Use saw horses and plywood or old doors. You can hang clothing on mobile clothing racks and place items like toys on tarps.
  • Get change: Keep your cash box filled with small bills and quarters or use these handy aprons.
  • Have a plan: Plan ahead for items that don’t sell such as donating them to a local charity.

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Tips for Making the Most Money

  • Clearly price all of your items. You will make less money if you leave your items unpriced.
  • Research item values online. Don’t undercharge for high-ticket items. Do your research on Facebook Sale pages and sites like Ebay.
  • Arrange your items neatly. Think about how stores arrange their merchandise. Put like items together to encourage multiple sales.
  • Clean up dirty items. Make sure you wipe of old, dusty or dirty items. If an item looks good, you can ask more for it.
  • Package small items in Ziploc bags. I usually place costume jewelry in bags and put the price right on the bag.
  • If you have big ticket items, consider posting them on online sale sites before your sale. You might be able to unload them before you even start.

Items that sell well at yard sales

  • Baby/kids toys and clothes
  • Furniture
  • Tools
  • Sporting goods
  • Home decor
  • Jewelry
  • Designer clothing, shoes and purses

Supplies you will need

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