45 Clean Eating Recipes

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Clean eating recipes are one of the buzz words we’re hearing about more and more. Basically, it is all about consuming healthy, whole foods that are unprocessed.  You are eliminating foods that are prepackaged in a box, can or bag and replacing them with fresh ingredients that don’t contain preservatives or processed ingredients.

A collection of clean eating recipes ranging from breakfast to dinner.

Clean recipes are less about weight loss and more about eating healthy.  By putting good, whole food into your body, you are maximizing your body’s potential, which is exactly what you’ll get out of these clean eating recipes.

If you’re looking to add more clean eating recipes to your family’s diet, here are 45 recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner to get you started.

A collage of clean recipes that you'll be sure to love!

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I’ve broken the clean eating recipes down into 3 categories — breakfast, lunch and dinner…

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Clean Eating Breakfast Recipes

Clean Eating Lunch Recipes

Clean Eating Dinner Recipes

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