Preparing For Bad Weather

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Storms and bad weather can hit at any time.  Make sure your family is prepared with a family emergency kit.

How to prepare for bad weather

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It seems that we’re seeing more severe storms than ever before. Whether its a hurricane, tornado, snow storms or flooding, extreme weather events are more commonplace today.

About 10 years ago, a bad winter storm came through our area and my grandparents lost power for six days.  Can you imagine not having electricity for almost a week?!

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It was a crazy time for them.  No lights.  No refrigerator.  No showers.  Luckily they were able to stay with my parents and avoid the inconveniences.

How to Prepare for Bad Weather

A few years back, we purchased my grandparent’s house and we now live there.  I have to admit that I think about that storm often.  What if we lost power for six days?  How would my family cope?

 One of the best things you can do for your family is to prepare before a weather event hits your area.  It’s about being practical and sensible and making sure your family is prepared should an emergency hit.

An easy way to prepare is to have an emergency kit.  I really like these kits from Live Prepared.  Live Prepared’s 72-Hour Emergency Home Kits have everything you and your family will need in an emergency and the clean-up afterwards. If you have young children, emergency preparedness ensures they’ll be as comfortable, well-fed and safe as possible

In addition the basic items like a first aid kit and candles, the Live Prepared kits include items like a hygiene kit, cooking kit and a water filtration bottle.

How to prepare for bad weather

Plus, the kits come stocked with food, too.  The American Red Cross recommends having enough food and water on hand to cover a period of at least two weeks.

Live Prepared food is high-quality food specifically designed with emergencies in mind. It has the calories necessary for a quality meal to keep you going, it is easy to prepare, tastes great and is shelf-stable for 20 years (so no replacing canned goods over and over, you only have to think about it or take action every 20 years…nice!).How to prepare for bad weather

In a matter of minutes, you can cook Live Prepared’s savory, shelf-stable foods right in the pouch. Just add hot water to keep your family safely and tastefully nourished.

And, it tastes great!  We tried the Macaroni and Cheese and it was great! My son loved to help prepare it and he really enjoyed the taste, too!

How to prepare for bad weather

Get Your Own Live Prepared Kit

I like that the kit comes in a resealable plastic tote.  It makes it easy to store and easy to access.  There are several kits you can choose from, including standard, deluxe and premium kits.  You can find all of the choices here.

These kits make great gifts, too.  They are perfect for elderly family members, newlyweds and anyone else you want to give some peace of mind to.

You can purchase your own Live Prepared Kit and get 20% off!  Just use the Welcome20d (offer expired 6/30/16).

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  1. I Love this Live Prepared Kit! I have an emergency preparedness kit that I’ve been putting together. It’s still a work in progress though and there are many items I’d would like to add to it. Thank you for this great giveaway.


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