Lessons from Jack: What our Shelter Cat Has Taught Us

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Our cat, Jack, has taught us many life lessons in his 16 years. As a member of our family, he’s really left his paw print on our hearts.

What our shelter cat has taught us

Sixteen years ago, I came home from the animal shelter with a little black puff ball that ended up stealing our hearts. He was spunky with a devilish charm and we named him Jack (after our landlord at the time).

Let me tell you, that little black rascal had a ton of personality. My husband never had pets growing up so he didn’t know what to expect. But after a few minutes together, he succumbed to Jack’s charm.

What our shelter cat has taught us

He would tear through our house, racing up and down the halls, climbing our screen door and shredding the toilet paper.   But when it came time to settle down, he would curl up in a ball in our laps or on my chest.

He was impossible to resist!

What our shelter cat has taught us

Now, Jack is 16 years old. He’s not as spry as he used to be and he no longer tears around the house climbing everything in sight. But, you can still see that impish glint in his eye.

And he still inserts himself into everything. If I’m doing a cooking video, he’s usually right there underfoot.

Jack is part of our family. I’m so glad I went to that shelter on that particular day and we found each other. I think if he could talk, Jack would tell you that he loves his forever home and his family. We can tell just by his purr.

What our shelter cat has taught us

Over the years, Jack has taught us that even if you’re a tough guy, you can still be lovable.   He also taught us to laugh at the silly things in life, like when he tries to wedge himself into a shoe box!

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What our shelter cat has taught us

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fresh Step® Litter.

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