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Football Party Ideas to plan with family and friends. Take the the load off your shoulders and use these ideas to make your next big game day a hit!

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With the following football party ideas and recipe list, we assure you that the big game day will amplified and your family and friends will have a great time. See below how you can start preparing now!

Football Party Food Ideas

These football party ideas are perfect for friends and family on the big day, and will make your football party food the talk of the town! Follow the links below to see some of our personal recipes:

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Football Party Ideas

This group of fun football party ideas will make the most of the big day and ensure it’s all football themed!

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  •  Football Face Tattoos  These football tattoos are easy to apply and show support towards your team while they’re getting that touchdown!
  • Football Frenzy Condiment Dish Not only is it cute to look at, but this dish will also hold your condiments for you!
  • Game Day Football Table Cover Protect your table with this football table cover.
  • Football Inflatable Buffet This buffet cooler will be sure to hold your food in place with a nice football design.
  • Football Paper Garland Decorate the room with this small football garland.
  • Football Party Flag Picks Perfect for your burgers, these flag picks will be sure to add that little flair that every fan likes to see.
  • Football Paper Plates, Napkins, Cups These cool football napkins come in a pack of 6, but again, add that little extra flair that football fans love to see!
  • Football Goal Post Centerpieces This cool center piece comes with a plastic football that will make you want to take a kick from the 40.
  • Football Picks These picks are sure to hold your burger down, but make sure to give them to the other team’s fans too!

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More Football Themed Party Ideas

More football party ideas that you need to try to make your football party a winner.

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  • Football Table Runner This football table runner is a good addition to the table and definitely won’t go unnoticed!
  • Tailgate Zone Party Tape When you tailgate, make sure to bring this tape along for other game day fans to join you!
  • Football Hanging Lanterns These football lanterns will make a nice decoration for those late night games.
  • We’re # 1 Foam Fingers Let’s be honest, what’s a party without a foam fingers?
  • Football Party Bowl This cute chip bowl will hold your chips right at the 50.
  • Football Mini Whistles Bad calls and party fouls require party whistles.
  • Football Field Backdrop This football backdrop is perfect for game day and really gives the feeling you are on the field with your favorite players.
  • Football Photo Booth Props Kit Photo booth or not, these props will spice up your social media posts about the amazing party you are throwing.
  • 14ft Plastic Football Pennant Banner This football banner is perfect for the kitchen and adds to the football environment.

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