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Whipping up a delicious slow cooker dinner is much easier with the right tools. I’ve compiled a list of the best slow cooker accessories that are sure to decrease your time in the kitchen!

collection of best slow cooker accessories

Figuring out what tools are necessary to guarantee an easy and tasty slow cooker dinner can be difficult, especially with new and innovative gadgets on the market. But, with the right tools, making the perfect crock pot recipe will be a piece of cake!

If you love your crock pot just as much as I do, or are still learning how to use a slow cooker, these accessories are a must to have in your kitchen! Here are the best slow cooker tools and accessories, as well as some handy and helpful cookbooks I’m sure you will love!

Best Crock Pot Accessories

Some crock pot tools will help you achieve an easy and tasty slow cooker dinner, while others are just gimmicks. These are the best slow cooker gadgets that will make your life much easier when it comes to cooking!

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collection of best crock pot accessories

Crock Pot Triple Dipper

When it comes to entertaining, this is the best crock pot gadget around! It contains three 1-quart warmers and also functions as a lazy susan!

Disposable Slow Cooker Liners

This cool tool allows for an easy clean-up after any slow cooker dinner. Talk about a time saver!

Slow-Cooker Lid Holder

Say goodbye to a messy and unorganized counter space! With its collapsible design, this amazing gadget holds the lid of your slow cooker in the perfect position above the rim.

Insulated Travel Bag

This is the best crock pot tool for any time you are on the go. It’s perfect for parties, potlucks, and even tailgating celebrations!

Helpful Tools and Utensils

These are amazing tools that will make prepping and setting up your crock pot dinner quick and simple!

collection of best slow cooker tools

Shredder Claws

This heat resistant gadget allows you to easily shred slow-cooked pork, chicken or beef. They are bound to save you time in the kitchen!

Slow Cooker Rack

Perfect for any crock pot recipe, this rack fits into any standard sized slow cooker! It elevates foods above fat drippings and juices for better heat circulation, even baking, faster cooking times!

Flexible Cooking Rack

This unique heat-resistant tool can bend to fit into a slow cooker of any size! It’ll come in handy no matter what slow cooker recipe you’re following.

Silicone Oven Mitts

With it’s textured, non-slip grip, this is a helpful tool anytime you find yourself moving a hot slow cooker around the kitchen.

Blue Kitchen Utensil Set

Here you’ll find all the best crock pot utensils in one bundle! They are heat resistant and made from durable stainless steel, designed to last for a very long time.

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The Best Slow Cooker Cookbooks

These amazing cookbooks contain every delicious crock pot recipe ever made! If you are still learning how to use a slow cooker, these books will contain timeless and simple recipes you’ll find yourself making again and again!

collection of best slow cooker dinner cookbooks

Fix-It and Forget-It Big Cookbook: 1400 Best Slow Cooker Recipes!

This New York Times bestselling series contains any and every crock pot recipe everyone will enjoy! These are all pantry-friendly dishes guaranteed to give you a delicious slow cooker dinner or meal.

The Italian Slow Cooker

If you’re a fan of Italian food, this is the perfect slow cooker recipe book for you! In detail, it will teach you how to combine fresh ingredients and simple techniques to produce dishes for soups, sauces, meats, vegetables, and simple desserts.

Mexican Slow Cooker Cookbook: Easy, Flavorful Mexican Dishes That Cook Themselves

This slow cooker cookbook brings you an easy slow cooker dinner to your table with the flavors of Mexico.

The Asian Slow Cooker: Exotic Favorites for Your Crockpot

Faster, easier, tastier and healthier than takeout, this cookbook is your guide for making an Asain-inspired crock pot dinner in the comfort of your own home!

The Complete Slow Cooking for Two: A Perfectly Portioned Slow Cooker Cookbook

This cookbook will help you serve up a good-for-you slow cooker dinner that will save you hours and are portioned precisely for duos.

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