Dorm Room Essentials List

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Preparing to have the coolest dorm room on the floor is stressful indeed.  I’ve compiled a dorm room essentials list of everything you will need to make going away to school feel like going away to a second home.

Must Have Dorm Room Essentials List - a great list of innovative and fun college dorm supplies

Heading off to school and a new dorm room?  Wondering where to even begin tracking down the college dorm room essentials list? Relax, I have taken care of that for you.  Get your dorm room ready with these fun and innovative college dorm supplies.

Things that you may not have thought of are included in this list because times are different since us parents went to college. Who knew a smart phone charging station would be a necessity nowadays? Included are some modern gadgets along with some staple items that will make move in day a success!

Here is the dorm room essentials list and their new living space.

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Dorm Room Essentials List

Must Have Dorm Room Essentials List - a great list of innovative and fun college dorm supplies

Smart Phone Charging Station:  3 plugs and 2 USB ports- perfect for the dorm room with limited plugs. Smart Phone Charging Station

Roommate Calendar:  Stick your schedule right on your wall with this calendar!

Roommate Calender

First-Aid Kit:  Accidents happen, so be prepared with these 100 useful items.

First Aid Kit

Adjustable Shelving:  Upgrade your storage with this easy to assemble shelf.

Adjustable Shelving

Light Up Bedside Shelf: Save space with this shelf that can be used as a bedside table- perfect for when lights are off at night!

Light Up Bedside Shelf

Ramen Rapid Cooker: Quickly cook a quick dinner in this cookware designed specifically for ramen.

Ramen Rapid Cooker

Over the Fridge Organizer:  The Cookin Caddy saves you space by hanging on the door of a mini fridge.

Over the Fridge Organizer

Microfiber Dorm Rug:  With an anti-slip bottom, this rug is a great addition to any dorm room.

Microfiber Dorm Rug

Where’s Mom Now That I Need Her: Moving away from mom and learning to live without her can be tough. This book provides help with grocery shopping, laundry, and more!

Where's Mom Now That I Need Her

Starving Students’ Cookbook:  The ideal cookbook for the college student. Complete with nutrition facts, illustrations, and tips!

Starving Students' Cookbook

College Cooks Cookbook:  A totally relatable cookbook for the college kid since it was written by six college students. It includes more than just recipes like food storage, setting up a kitchen, what to put on a grocery list, etc.

College Cooks Cookbook

Silicone Popcorn Maker:  Avoid chemicals contained in store bags of popcorn with this silicone bowl. No burned kernels and instant popping!

Silicone Popcorn Maker

Single Serve Coffee Maker: Brew K-Cups with the touch of one button to operate.

Single Serve Coffee Maker

Quick Dry Shower Caddy:  This caddy has 7 pockets with quick dry mesh for all your shower necessities .

Quick Dry Shower Caddy

Portable Ironing Mat:  This mat rolls up for easy storage, which is perfect for a dorm.

Portable Ironing Mat

Bean Bag Dorm Chair:  Big Joe is easy to move and is easy to get comfortable in.

Bean Bag Dorm Chair

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