Must Have Easy Apple Recipes

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With fall right around the corner, the apple supply is abundant!  These 30+ must-have easy apple recipes will have you drooling.  There’s everything from easy apple cake, easy apple crisp, easy apple pie, apple sauce recipes and other apple desserts.

A collection of easy apple recipes

Between cakes, pies, party platters, and dinners, with fresh, crunchy, juicy and sweet, apples are plentiful and delicious in the fall. Need more ideas for what to make with apples? Try our easy apple desserts, amazing apple crumbles, and delicious recipes with apple cider!

Easy Apple Recipes

These easy apple recipes have something for everyone.  From delicious Apple moonshine to other apple desserts.   Many of the recipes are super easy to make and use this crisp, tart fall fruit.

Apple Cake Recipes

Once in a while you need a cake that can be put together immediately with ingredients that you already have in your pantry.  You’ll find that recipe here.  These apple cake recipe  This apple cake recipes are easy to make and taste amazing!  I highly recommend trying at least one (if not all) of them!

A collection of easy apple cake recipes

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Apple Crisp Recipes

Out-fashioned apple crisp recipes, warm from the oven, is a delicious dessert. Try one of these simple apple crisp recipes for a sweet ending of a fall family supper.  There are even slow cooker versions that can cook away while you’re enjoying a gorgeous fall day.

A collection of easy apple crisp recipes

Apple Desserts Recipes

Enjoying delicious apple sweets is the perfect way to complete off any supper. From brownies to donuts to cheesecake and cinnamon rolls – all of these recipes are jam packed with apple flavor.

A collection of easy apple desserts

Apple Pie Recipes

Try out one of these apple pie recipes. With crust, without crust and jam packed with juicy apples, these pies are sure to please!

Collection of easy apple pie recipes

Apple Sauce Recipes

Homemade apple sauce is one of those things that makes you wonder, after you whip up a batch, why more folks don’t make it more often. It truly is one of the easiest and most delicious recipes you can make from scratch, and it doesn’t take much time at all.

Collection of apple sauce recipes

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