Recipes for Leftover Turkey and Other Thanksgiving Food

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Did you make too much for your holiday meal?  Here are recipes for leftover turkey and other Thanksgiving leftovers.  Get creative and get inspired! 

Collection of recipes for leftover turkey and other thanksgiving food

Whether you’re hosting or attending, it’s difficult to get through a Thanksgiving gathering without ending up with lots of leftovers. Ham and turkey can last about 3-4 days in the fridge or up to 1-2 months in the freezer after they’re cooked so there’s no need to waste your delicious Thanksgiving food! For tips on the best way to store leftovers, check out this post!

There are a variety of ways to use your leftovers so that your meals don’t become boring or repetitive. I have put together a list of 25 amazing Thanksgiving leftover ideas and don’t worry, there’s plenty of recipes for leftover turkey!

Clever Uses for Thanksgiving Leftovers

The last thing you want to do after all that meal preparation is to prepare even more meals, right? Luckily these recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers are simple, easy, and most are made in under an hour!

Collection of Clever Uses for Thanksgiving Leftovers

Recipes for Leftover Turkey

Do you have enough turkey left to put together a whole other turkey? Try out these recipes as you make your way through those leftovers. You’ll find plenty of variety here so that you never tire of turkey!

Collection of Recipes for Leftover Turkey

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Thanksgiving Casserole Recipes

Need more Thanksgiving leftover ideas? Don’t have a lot of leftovers to start with? You just can’t go wrong with a casserole!

With these recipes, you can go through multiple leftovers at once without spending much time in the kitchen. Sounds like the perfect way to wrap up Thanksgiving!

Collection of Thanksgiving Casserole Recipes

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