Easy Risotto

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I have a love affair with risotto.  There is this great restaurant in a neighboring town that makes the absolute best risotto.  It’s perfectly creamy.  And rich.  And sinful.  It’s one of those things that I eat and eat and eat until I feel like I could explode but I just can’t seem to stop eating.  Yes, it’s that good.

A while back I posted my recipe for The Perfect Risotto.  It comes out perfect every time.  However, it is a food of love and you do have to devote some time to coaxing out the perfect texture.  I tend to make this on Sundays, when I have the time to show it the proper love.  But sometimes, a girl just wants risotto on a weeknight.

This recipe promised me that I could have a creamy, flavorful risotto without all of the hand-on time of my traditional recipe.

Is It a Keeper?

This risotto was pretty good, considering it was cooked in a microwave.  I think that was the most action my microwave saw in a long time!   It was creamy and al dente and pretty flavorful.  I did add a little bit of cream at the end — just to kick up the creaminess.

It’s not exactly the same as traditional risotto but it will satisfy my weeknight craving!  It’s a keeper in my book!

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