6 Tips to Quit Your Soda Habit

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Kick your soda habit for good!  Here are 6 tips that will help you quit drinking soda.

How to Kick the soda habit

There is no question about it: soda is a habit many of us have a hard time kicking. Our addiction to soda can be quite real, and in the end we are just filling our bodies with unnecessary sugar, calories, and of course caffeine.

If you are ready to let soda walk out of your life, look below at these 6 tips to help you kick the soda habit for good! These tips can help you live a healthier life that is free from the harmful ingredients soda contains.

how to stop drinking soda

6 Tips to Kick Your Soda Habit for Good

STEP 1:  Take baby steps and don’t quit cold turkey.
One of the worst things to do is just quit cold turkey. This can only lead to relapse and stronger cravings down the line. Start slow. Begin by cutting back to drinking soda at just one meal a day. Then just a few days a week. Then just on special occasions. You may find that by weeding it out gradually you lose the taste for it altogether!

STEP 2:  Infuse your water with tasty fruit.
Soda tends to be quite flavorful which is why many people like it. Try dressing up your water in various ways to make it just as good. Add slices of lime, lemon, cucumber, strawberries, and other produce items to help give it flavor and make it more desirable!.

How to kick the soda habit

STEP 3:  Invest in a quality water bottle.
Many times we resort to soda out of convenience. Invest in a quality water bottle so you always have cold water or juice on hand. This way, you won’t find yourself running for a soda just because it is easier to do.

STEP 4:  Consider seltzer water.
Many people love the fizz of soda. See if seltzer water gives you the same satisfaction. It is a healthier choice than soda, and can be just as tasty. Sample some various seltzer choices and see if they give you the flavor and fizz you love.

Kick the soda habit

STEP 5:  Get the whole family on board.
It will be easier to cut soda out of your life if everyone else in your family is on board. This way, there isn’t soda in the house to tempt you. Why not make it a family effort and get everyone healthy?

STEP 6:  Note the savings.
How much did you spend on soda each week? Keep track of your savings NOT buying soda and see how much it adds up to. Just seeing the money you save and have available for other things may be motivation enough to kick the habit.

STEP 7:  Reward yourself.
Find non food rewards to compensate yourself for meeting your soda free life goals. These small perks can really be a great motivation and help you feel less deprived!

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Are you ready to banish soda from your house? Consider these tips on how to kick the soda habit for good, and see how simple it can be to live a life that is soda free!

Tools to Help You Kick Your Soda Habit

Water Bottle: Keep plenty of water on hand with this portable bottle.

Fruit Infusing Pitcher: Kick the flavor of your water up by adding fresh fruit to your water.

Flavored SeltzerStill want fizz?  Try one of these flavored seltzers – mango is my favorite!

Soda Stream: Make your own sparkling water at home with this gadget!

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