Easy Air Fryer Recipes

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For the past two years, air fryers have become very popular.   If you’re looking for Air Fryer inspiration, I’ve found 16 delicious and classic air fryer recipes to get you started on this new and exciting trend.  You’ll find recipes for every meal, including French toast, hamburgers, and chicken and cake! 

A collection of air fryer recipes including wings, pizza, donuts and burgers

Here are exciting and flavorful air fryer recipes that will make time at the dining table better at any point of the day. Recipes that include sweet or savory options, gluten free, and of course, easy to make at home. The air fryer gives the recipes a twist that will make you wonder, what took you so long to try it out.

Breakfast Air Fryer Recipes

The most important meal of the day, just got better, with these delicious easy air fryer recipes. “My mouth is watering just thinking about it” recipes, that should satisfy anyone.

You and your family will be happy to wake-up to these tasty meals. It will be the best way to start any day!

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A collection of air fryer recipes including egg cups, french toast, french toast sticks and a frittata

Main Dish Airfryer Recipes

When it comes to lunch and dinner, these classic main dish recipes should bring a smile to your face.  A variety of air fryer chicken recipes for the chicken lovers, spicy food lovers, and cheese lovers. 

These Air fryer recipes are worth the time and energy to cook and eat. 

A collection of air fryer recipes including chicken, burgers, wings and pizza

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Easy Air Fryer Recipes for Sides and Snacks

Whether you are looking to cook a delicious side dish or a simple snack to munch on. These easy air fryer recipes will end up looking just as appetizing as the main dish.

A collection of air fryer recipes including fries, cauliflower, brussels sprouts and mozzarella balls

Air Fryer Desserts

While it is not the most important meal, dessert is definitely my favorite. With the help of these air fryer desserts, you can make sweet dishes that everyone will be asking for more. 

A collection of air fryer recipes including churros, donuts, cake and mor

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