Mouthwatering Panini Sandwich Recipes

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These amazing, mouthwatering panini sandwich recipe will make your lunch (or dinner) the best meal you will ever have.  Something amazing happens when you take your favorite sandwich and press it into a melty, gooey, mouthwatering panini.  Here are some of my favorite panini recipe.

A collection of Panini sandwich recipe

I grew up on having a panini sandwich every week for lunch. Honestly, paninis made lunch the best meal of the day, and I looked forward to them every Thursday.

The warm, crispy bread and the smell of the delicious panini fillings always got me up on my feet and towards the kitchen. So, I wanted to share the joyous experience I had with paninis, with you. By sharing seventeen, out of this world, panini sandwich recipes.

How to Make a Panini Chicken Sandwich

I’ve only eaten chicken panini sandwich, but each with a different filling, sauce, and type of chicken. The variety of flavors and ingredients, included in this list, make each chicken panini recipe unique and you can’t get bored of their tastes.

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FYI: my favorite from high school is the buffalo chicken panini recipe. I couldn’t find the one I ate, but I have included a different version of it and it’s just as good.

A collection of Panini sandwich recipe

Veggie Panini Recipe

A light lunch usually involves a salad or soup, but these veggie panini recipe will broaden your light lunch options. These panini sandwich offer a variety of vegetables for those picky vegetable eaters, myself included.

Trying to be healthier and improving your meal decisions, will be so much easier with these vegetable panini fillings.

A collection of Panini sandwich recipe

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Cheese and Deli Meat Panini Sandwich

Any sandwich can be turned into a panini sandwich. So, the classic turkey and cheese sandwich can be made into a panini, and it will somehow taste better/ look better.

So, these four recipes take a ‘classic’ sandwich and make it better simply by being turned into a panini recipe  with a twist of flavors. They are easy, delicious, and worth taking out the panini press.

A collection of Panini sandwich recipe

Fruit Panini Fillings

Now I never pictured fruit filled paninis, but these four panini filling recipes have blown my mind and made me a proud supporter of them. You can choose from a sweet and salty panini recipe or from an explosion of sweetness by the dessert panini sandwich.

Any of these panini recipes will not be a disappointment, you will love every bite of your panini!

A collection of Panini sandwich recipe

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