Crispy Cheddar Chicken

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You may have noticed that I have a few distinct recipe categories on It’s a Keeper.  Some of my most popular categories are the quick and easy weeknight recipes, the comfort food recipes and chicken recipes.  This recipe for Crispy Cheddar Chicken fits into two of those categories.  It’s chicken (duh!) and it’s good ‘ole comfort food.

Remember way back when I used to host It’s a Keeper Thursday?  This recipe was linked up there a while back.  It was shared by Jamie Cooks it Up. It turned out really good!  It was crispy and crunchy and I loved the thick creamy gravy that goes with it.  It made me feel like I was southern.  All I needed were some biscuits to go with it! In the end, this recipe was definitely a keeper!


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7 thoughts on “Crispy Cheddar Chicken”

  1. I tried to make this and it never got crispy it was soggy on the outside and overcooked on the inside? IM so confused!! Can you help me trouble shoot

    • Hmmm…Did you remove the foil for the last 10-15 minutes of baking? I would also try placing the chicken on a rack inside your baking dish. This will allow the heat to get to the underside of the chicken. Does this help?

  2. This looks and sounds absolutely AMAZING! I have got to try this recipe.

    Thanks so much!


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