20 Watermelon Recipes for Summer

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Cool down this summer with these refreshing Watermelon recipes.  Watermelon salad, sangria, desserts… Oh my! Just in time for the summer, this collection has some of the most delicious watermelon recipes all ages can enjoy.

collection of watermelon recipes

When the summer hits, us watermelon lovers unite and pull out our juicers for our typical watermelon recipes. Throw away this thinking! Watermelons aren’t just for juice anymore, and I’m here to show you.

Through these recipes, I’ll show you how to use watermelon in a variety of foods and ways, like in salads, alcoholic beverages, sauces and even desserts! Yes, watermelon cake exists (and you can definitely do it yourself).

Summer’s Coolest Watermelon Recipes

Beat the heat with some of these bone-chilling watermelon recipes! From my all-time favorite watermelon smoothie to your kids’ next favorite easy-to-make watermelon popsicle treats, check out some of the cooler recipes out of the whole list.

These are some of the easiest, fastest and coldest recipes that will become the family’s favorites in no time. In fact, they might already be famous within the family, but I made sure that these add something special to the cult classics.

collection of watermelon recipes

Watermelon Happy Hour

Summer is known to be about letting loose and having fun in the sun, so what better way to do so than with watermelon and alcohol? Check out some of my favorite happy hour drinks for all of the hours this summer.

Be warned, though. You’ll want one after the other after trying out the watermelon sangria and watermelon cocktail in this list, but drink responsibly!

collection of watermelon recipes

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Watermelon Salads & Salsas

I know that getting that ideal summer body is difficult, but with the help of some of these delicious watermelon salad recipes, you’ll be there in no time — without giving up the deliciousness of food.

In this list, I’ve also included some of the most creative ways to incorporate watermelon into a side or main dish. My favorite is the flame grilled watermelon — what an experience!

collection of watermelon recipes

Sweet Watermelon Desserts

When would you use healthy and dessert in the same sentence? I know that with these watermelon desserts you can, with the addition of “delicious” and “addicting”!

Take it from me, you and your kids will want the watermelon fruit roll-ups year-round, not just in the summer. Ultimate watermelon fans might also want the watermelon cake for their birthdays, too!

collection of watermelon recipes

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