21 Best Cherry Recipes

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These cherry recipes are the perfect way to make your summer a little sweeter this year. Find all of the best dessert, beverage and dinner cherry recipes here. 

Collection of cherry recipes

Fruit always seems to taste better in the heat of summer. It’s even better when that fruit is cherries!

There are a ton of sweet or sour cherry recipes to choose from in the list below! Whether you are looking for a dessert, a dinner recipe or a drink, there are plenty of savory cherry recipes to choose from.

Cherry Recipes Desserts

Cherry desserts are as sweet as they come! From a classic cherry pie to cherry jello salad, there is a cherry recipe desserts for everyone on this list!

Collection of cherry desserts

  • Cherry Jello Salad: My cherry jello recipe is the perfect mix of fruit and cherry jello that will keep you refreshed this summer.
  • Cherry Pie: Cherry pie is a classic when it comes to cherry desserts. Sweet cherries with lemon zest, lemon juice, almond extract, vanilla extract, corn starch and of course, sugar are the perfect mixture in a homemade pie crust.
  • Chocolate Covered Cherries: These chocolate covered cherries will give chocolate covered strawberries a run for their money! A cherry wrapped inside homemade cherry dough dipped in chocolate? I think that sounds like the ideal cherry dessert.
  • Cherry Pie Cookies: These cookies are the perfect treat to bring to a cookout this summer! Enjoy this cherry pie filled butter cookie topped off with white chocolate.
  • Classic Cherry Cobbler: Another classic cherry recipe that you can never go wrong with — cobbler! Eat it while it’s warm with a scoop of ice cream on top for added deliciousness.
  • Cherry Pie Bars: A cherry pie you can eat with your hands! This is the perfect treat to feed to the kids to avoid any messes that a piece of pie may bring.
  • Almond Cherry Ice Cream: The perfect mix of cherries, vanilla and almond extract that will surely be able to cool you down this summer.

Cherry Cheesecake Recipes

Although there are plenty of cherry desserts to pick from, check out these recipes for cherry cheesecake! Regular cheesecake is great, but cherry cheesecake is even better.

Collection of cherry cheesecake recipes

  • Cherry Jubilee Cheesecake Squares: Enjoy my take on a cherry cheesecake! This delicious combination of cherry cake mix, cream cheese and Betty Crocker’s Rich and Creamy Cherry Frosting will satisfy all your cravings.
  • Cherry Cheesecake Brownies: For all the chocolate lovers out there, you can enjoy cherry cheesecake too! This cherry cheesecake has a bottom layer of brownie to switch things up.
  • No-Bake Cherry Walnut Cheesecake: Don’t have time to turn the oven on? No worries! This no-bake cherry walnut cheesecake is an easy way to make a cherry dessert in a pinch.
  • Cherry Cheesecake Dip: Instead of roasting marshmallows this summer, dip your graham crackers in this savory cherry cheesecake dip! The cherry pie filling, cream cheese, marshmallow and whipped topping is the perfect dessert for a cookout with friends.
  • Cherry Cheesecake Krispie Treat Bars: Your kids will love this take on one of their favorite treats! Top your homemade Krispie Treats off with a cherry cheesecake topping.

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Sweet and Sour Cherry Recipes for Beverages

The best way to cool down this summer is with one of these sour cherry recipes. Drink the heat away with one these beverage cherry recipes.

Collection of cherry recipes

  • Cherry Limeade: This sour cherry recipe is something the whole family will love! The perfect knock off of Sonic’s Cherry Limeade is the perfect frozen drink for a hot summer day.
  • Sparkling Cherry Lemonade: For a more sophisticated cherry drink, serve this sparkling cherry lemonade at your next get together! Pitted cherries, sparkling water, lemonade and sugar are all you have to use to make this refreshing summer drink.
  • Cherry Pie Smoothie: Your favorite dessert is now a smoothie too. This blend of frozen cherries, greek yogurt, almond and vanilla extract, and old-fashioned oats will sweeten your summer.
  • Dirty Shirley: Shirley Temple’s may have been one of your favorite drinks growing up, well here is an adult version! The traditional ingredients of 7UP and Maraschino cherries, but add the cherry vodka for an extra kick.
  • Cherry Limeade Margarita: Another great one of the sour cherry recipes, but for adults! Add tequila to this cherry limeade margarita for the adults at your party.

Cherry Recipes Savory for Meals

Desserts and drinks don’t have to be the only thing cherry flavored. Make your next breakfast, lunch or dinner using one of these delicious cherry recipes!

Collection of cherry recipes

  • Cherry Vanilla Dark Chocolate Overnight Oats: Overnight oats are a great breakfast meal for people on the go. This one is even better because it involves cherries! Non-fat greek yogurt, vanilla extract, milk of your choice, maple syrup, rolled oats, chopped cherries and chocolate are all that is needed for this delicious breakfast. Add chia and flax seeds for extra health benefits!
  • Grilled Cherry, Arugula and Goat Cheese Pizza: This flatbread is such a really fun and original cherry recipe! A mixture of chopped grilled cherries, arugula, goat cheese and balsamic vinegar make the perfect flatbread for a summer lunch.
  • The Best Slow Cooker Cherry Ham: Skip the pineapple next holiday season and try cooking your ham with this cherry glaze! The perfect mix of brown sugar, red wine vinegar, cherry pie filling, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves makes the most savory cherry recipe.
  • Rosemary Cherry Balsamic Roasted Chicken: This is a great dish to serve at your next dinner party. Cherries, garlic, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar poured on top of the chicken as it roasts is a cherry recipe everyone can enjoy!

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