Carrot Apple Ginger Slaw

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In my humble opinion, coleslaws are the quintessential summer salad.  They are perfect for cookouts and picnics.   Some are sweet and creamy while others can be tangy and bright.  One thing I adore about slaws is their versatility.   Gone are the days of the boring coleslaw.  Why go with boring when you can tinker around with different veggies and sauces?  Some of my favorites are  my Creamy Broccoli Slaw, Sriracha Coleslaw, California Citrus Slaw and this delightful Carrot Apple Ginger Slaw.

I love the flavor combination of this salad.  The apples and carrots are crisp and fresh.  While the ginger-infused sauce has a tart, slightly sweet flavor.  When all of these flavors and textures come together, you have a refreshing summer salad that is just bursting with flavor!  It goes perfectly with fish – providing some acidity to balance out the flavors.  Or, I love it on top of a good turkey burger!

I used a Julienne Peeler to slice my carrots into thin strands.  This peeler make it super easy to put this salad together.  Or, you could buy carrots already shredded – many produce departments offer them.

Everyone should have a good coleslaw recipe in their recipe box (and, if you don’t have one, give my Classic Coleslaw a try).  This Carrot Apple Ginger Slaw is sure to please your family and friends – It’s a Keeper!

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