Spicy Turkey Burgers with Pickled Onions

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I love a good burger, especially during the summer months.  There is just something about firing up the grill and slapping on some patties for dinner.   I love the flame kissed flavor and the gooey, melty cheese.

I love how I can play around with the flavor profile by trying new combinations.  There is one thing, though, that always remains the same.  Our burgers are always beef.

I haven’t been successful convincing my guys to give any other meat a chance. So I was forced to go out and find me some different taste testers.  I made these burgers at a family cookout.  My mom, sister and brother stepped up to the plate (pun intended) as my taste testers.

The feedback was unanimous — these turkey burgers were amazing!  The flavor was great.  The texture was perfect.  And, the pickled onions…oh my!  I have a new favorite condiment now!  I’m going to put these things on EVERYTHING!

My guys don’t know what they’re missing.  I think I’m going to make these again and sneak them onto the dinner table (*wink*wink*) – because I think they’ll love them as much as I do!   I’d love to know what’s on your favorite burger – leave me a comment!

6 thoughts on “Spicy Turkey Burgers with Pickled Onions”

  1. I love onions on my burger – but I am the only one in the house. And you know what’s funny? I switched from beef to turkey burgers about a year ago and NO ONE has noticed LOL.


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