Summer Pea Salad

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I have a love affair with peas.  I love them in salads, soups, casseroles, just about anything!  They are the perfect side dish for my meatloaf and go beautifully in my risotto.  But this Summer Pea Salad recipe makes these little green orbs the star of the show!

This recipe is one of my favorite no-cook recipes!  Because you’re not cooking the peas, they have a great crunchy texture.  And, when you combine the salty bacon (yes, I said BACON!) and the creamy dressing, you are in pea heaven.

If you’re heading out to any summer pot luck parties, I highly recommend bringing this dish. But be prepared.  You’ll probably be asked for the recipe!

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5 thoughts on “Summer Pea Salad”

  1. Hi Christina!

    I am so glad I found your recipe for this pea salad! Your recipe is similar to one I was looking for. When I was growing up, my mother frequently made a pea salad, of which I HATED!!!! I had only one word for PEAS……EWWWWW! Now that I’ve “grown up”…umm, okay, now that I’m an “adult”, I’m comin’round to liking pea salads (but still have a discriminating taste for them). I haven’t made your exact salad, as the one I was using did not call for the cayenne or parsley, but the rest of the recipe is identical. I used frozen sweet peas and added a Tastefully Simple product called “Bacon Bacon”. I’m here to tell you, that as a “professional pea-hater”, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this pea salad!!! Now this kind of pea salad is like “crack”, once you start eating it you can’t stop!! Thanks again for the recipe and I’m glad I found you! ~ Susan


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