The Ultimate Fridge Organization Guide

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Fridge organization is key to saving time in the kitchen.  Not sure how to organize a fridge?  Don’t worry–we’ve got you covered!

24 awesome ways to up your fridge organization

Nobody likes a messy fridge or freezer, but organizing these spaces can be tricky without the right items.  With so many options to choose from, fridge organization can be overwhelming.  That’s why we’ve compiled all the items you’ll need to straighten up your fridge.

Once your fridge is organized, don’t forget about the freezer!  Most fridge organization items can also be used in your refrigerator freezer, but we’ve compiled some chest freezer organizers for those of you who’ve opted for the extra space.

Fridge Organization – Space

Fridge space is limited, so the first step of fridge organization is learning how to effectively utilize it.  These fridge organizers will maximize your space while keeping items organized.

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how to organize your fridge with these awesome ideas to help your fridge organization with space

Set of 8 Refrigerator Organizer Bins:  Store and organize a variety of food items in these BPA-free bins.  Both the wide and narrow bins have an interior non-slip texture to keep items in place.

3-Pack Produce-Saver Refrigerator Organizer Bins:  Keep your produce fresher longer with these stackable bins.  A water tray keeps fruits and veggies out of drippings.

HapiLeap Fridge Drawer Organizer:  Instantly create more fridge space with this drawer, which can hold up to 33 pounds!

iDesign Plastic Egg Holder:  Simple but effective, this egg holder can hold up to 21 eggs.

iDesign Plastic Refrigerator Organizer Tray:  This tray is ideal for storing and organizing small items like yogurt, cheese and more.

Smart Design 2-Tier Pull-Out Baskets:  Not a fan of the plastic bins?  Try these wire baskets.  The pull-out baskets provide easy access, while the stackable design saves on space.

iDesign Refrigerator Divided Bin:  Another small bin, but this time with a handy adjustable divider!  These bins are also stackable.

Refrigerator Organization – Drinks

Drinks take up a lot of space.  Now that your food items are organized, the next step in refrigerator organization is straightening up your cans and bottles.

organize your fridge with these clever drink fridge organization tips

2-Pack Simple Houseware Can Dispenser Rack:  Easily access and organize your cans with these stylish racks.  Each rack holds up to 12 cans.

Set of 4 Refrigerator Soda Bins:  If the rack isn’t your style, or you want easy access to multiple types of cans, check out these bins instead!

Set of 2 mDesign 2-Bottle Wine Rack Organizer:  Save space by storing your wine bottles in these stackable and compact racks.  Each bottle is stored horizontally in an individual compartment, making it easy to grab.

Set of 2 mDesign 1-Bottle Wine Rack Organizer:  If the 2-bottle rack is too big, check out this smaller but just as functional 1-bottle rack!

iDesign Refrigerator Water Bottle Organizer:  Keep your bottles, water or otherwise, organized with this stylish organizer.  The rigged bottom prevents bottles from sliding.

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How to Organize the Fridge

How to organize the fridge goes beyond just storage bins and drink racks.  Check out these handy fridge organization items that can take your fridge to the next level!

a great list of miscellaneous fridge and freezer organization tips

12-Pack Reusable Sandwich Bags:  Save fridge space by tossing the package and storing food in these reusable, leak-proof bags.

HAIM LIVING Ziploc Bag Organizer:  Need a place to store your newly-bagged food?  Check out this handy bag organizer!

Zip n Store Refrigerator Door Bag Organizer:  If you’d prefer to store your bags on the fridge door instead, try this Zip n Store bag organizer.

500 Food Label Stickers:  Keep track of prepped meals, leftovers and more with these labels.  They peel clean, so there’s no need to worry about sticky residue on reusable containers.

9-Pack AKINLY Refrigerator Mats:  These stylish, water-proof mats make cleaning the inside of your fridge a breeze and can be cut into any size you need.

6-Pack Dualplex Fruit & Veggie Life Extender Liner:  The anti-mold material of these liners absorbs moisture to protect your produce from spoiling.

Chest Freezer Organizers

Chest freezers can be tricky to organize, but we’re here to help!  These chest freezer organizers are sure to help straighten out your freezer.

your freezer will be looking brand new with this awesome chest freezer organizer

Set of 2 iPEGTOP Wire Freezer Baskets:  Specifically designed for freezer use, these baskets are perfect for storing and organizing all sorts of food items.

GE Hanging Freezer Basket:  Hanging baskets are super handy for easy access to items in chest freezers.  Make sure you get the right size for your freezer!

6-Pack STERILITE Storage Crates:  These simple stackable crates will maximize your storage space.

Normei Expandable Dividers:  Keep baskets, crates and more organized with these easy-to-use dividers.

Magnetic Freezer Inventory Board:  When the freezer is full, it’s hard to remember what’s inside.  Keep track of your inventory and reduce food waste with this handy dry-erase board.

Set of 100 Freezer Labels:  Easily label and date your freezer items with these labels.  Never forget how long something’s been sitting inside!

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