Spicy Seared Scallops with Pea Puree

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Today, Colleen from Souffle Bombay is sharing one of her favorite 15 minute meals – Spicy Seared Scallops with Pea Puree.  If you’re looking for easy dinner ideas for lent, this one is perfect!

15 minute meals Spicy Seared Scallops & Pea on It's a Keeper


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Hi, it’s Colleen from the food blog Souffle Bombay, where I love recreating dishes I have had out.  I also share easy party food anyone can make and show you just how easy it is to cook with your kids – Oh and I share cocktails too (oh yeah!) such as my all time favorite Frozen Chambord Margaritas and recent favorite Apple Pie Moonshine.  Christina asked me if I would like to share a recipe anyone can make during Lent or whenever your feeling like a quality meatless meal made in minutes.

It’s that time of year again where, for many, Fridays become meatless.  It is a small sacrifice, steeped in tradition and I love participating in it, but for whatever reason it has always “messed with my mind”.  I crave meat on the Fridays that I can not have it…Just because I can’t have it, I know, I know….Its only 7 actual Fridays plus Ash Wednesday but my mind plays tricks on me! Am I alone in this?

I remember a few Friday’s during Lent growing up my brother Ed and I would try to stay up until midnight, counting the hours and minutes until we could have some meat, then about 12:10 am Saturday morning we would feast on bacon!  That is a fond memory for me…Actually anything with bacon attached to it is a good thing in my book – am I right?

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How about an easy dinner, perfect for Lent, that looks like you put a lot of effort into it – But in reality, it took you only 15 minutes. Something about the texture of scallops reminds me of meat, so in addition to the ease of preparation, your mind may not even miss meat.

Just 10 Minutes to make the Pea Puree, 5 minutes to make the Spicy Seared Scallops…Throw together beautiful salad of your choosing and you have your self a restaurant quality meal for any day of the week, made in 15 minutes flat!  Enjoy!

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16 thoughts on “Spicy Seared Scallops with Pea Puree”

  1. I love scallops! I wish they weren’t so expensive, but they are definitely worth the splurge every once and awhile.

  2. I’ve never attempted scallops at home but these look amazing! Thanks so much for sharing at SNF…pinning to our group board!

  3. I wish my husband and kids liked peas…. I’d love to make this for dinner one night, LOL. Thanks for sharing at Simple Supper Tuesday.

  4. Love this. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Pea puree – I used to make something like this and forgot all about it, thanks for reminding me and resurrecting! I just need a good seafood shop 🙂


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