Open Faced Chicken Caprese Sandwiches

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My husband works a swing shift as a crime fighter so some nights, it’s just Joey (my 4 year old) and I for dinner.  Tonight was one of those nights. By the time I got home from work, picked up Joey from my in-law’s house, stopped at the library for our weekly book selection and hit the grocery store (I’m having dinner guests tomorrow night!), it was after 7 pm before I even had a chance to think about dinner.   Good thing Joey ate before I picked him up!

Needless to say, I really wasn’t in the mood to drag out pots and pans or concoct anything that required much energy.  After rummaging around in my freezer, I had found some leftover Lemon Rosemary Grilled Chicken, a tomato and some fresh mozzarella.   Perfect!

I sliced the fresh Pane bread that I just picked up from Wegman’s — they have a whole grain version available now!  Drizzled a little olive oil on top and slapped it on the grill.  While the bread was toasting, I cut the chicken breast in half and sliced the tomato and mozzarella.

Once the first side of the bread reached a toasty, golden brown, I flipped it to toast the other side.  On a side note, whoever said that “man cannot live on bread alone” had clearly not had this bread from Wegman’s!  I could live on just this bread.  Period.

So, anyway, back to my dinner, when the second side was almost done, I topped it with the chicken, tomato and cheese,closed the lid to the grill and let it get all warm and melty!

Mongolian pork on plate
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When it was finished, I took the sandwiches off the grill and plucked a few basil leaves from my garden.  I tucked the basil in between the layers and dove in (after I took the photo above, of course)!

Words cannot describe how good this sandwich was!  The crunch from the toasted bread, the creamy, melty cheese and fresh basil…a perfect combination!  And, it was a beautiful evening to enjoy my dinner on the deck while Joey played in the yard!  I’d say tonight was perfect!

I love when leftover experiments turn out good!  Enjoy!



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