Orange Lime Fish Tacos

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As the Lenten season is wrapping up, you may find yourself bored with the same old meatless recipes.  This week, I asked my friend Dawn from Read. Eat. DEW. Write to share some of her super easy recipes for Lent with you.

Swordfish tacos (all photos courtesy of Betsy Barron Fine Art Photography)

Fresh fish and shellfish is my protein of choice any time of year, especially the sashimi variety.

There are few fish (or crustaceans) that I do not have an affinity for, nor any that I have haven’t attempted cooking over the years. Sauteed, grilled, baked, roasted, seared, stuffed, steamed, broiled, boiled or raw, I am two fins in.

And luckily, my family is right there swimming alongside me. Of course, they weren’t raised on my grandmother’s standard Friday night fare of tuna meatballs and pasta. Now those are definitely not a concoction that I’m too enthusiastic about.

These recipes, below, however, have gotten my taste buds singing. If you’re looking for something to put a little spark in the Lenten repertoire, give these a try.

Mongolian pork on plate
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They’re ridiculously easy and spectacularly delicious. Any questions, leave a comment. I have no doubt that you’ll make these meatless recipes for Lent well beyond the Easter season.





Fiery grilled salmon will heat up your backyard barbecue—and Lenten menu.

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