5 Favorite Uses for Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

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Having the right tools for the job is one of my best spring cleaning tips and tricks.  I love Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.  Here are some clever ways to use them.

Mr Clean Magic Eraser 5 Uses final

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One of my favorite tools in my house cleaning arsenal is a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  These powerful scrubbers are truly magic.  They get in there and get the dirt and grime off of hard-to-clean surfaces.  ONE Mr. Clean Magic Eraser can help you clean about ONE MILLION tough jobs around the house.

I love how it helps me keep my kitchen sparkling clean after a day of testing recipes for It’s a Keeper.  Here are my 5 favorite way to use these cleaning powerhouses to clean up cooking and kitchen messes:

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1.  Cleaning the grill.

Grill messes are a pain.  Use a Mr. Clean Magic Erase to easily scrub down the greasy mess the rinse with warm water.
2.  Baked on cookie sheet stains If you have those pesky stains on your baking sheets from your last batch of Biscotti or Chocolate Chip, wipe them away with your Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and then rinse thoroughly. Mr Clean Magic Eraser Cookie Sheet 3.  Caked on casseroles I love lasagna but had the baked-on clean up.  Tough casserole messes are no match for Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.  Mr Clean Magic Eraser Casserole 4.  Clean stains off of glasses: When entertaining, I like to put everyone’s name on their wine glasses with a Sharpie.  After the party, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers take the names off with a single swipe. Mr Clean Magic Eraser Glass 5.  Cleaning the grime off of textured refrigerator handles. 

If you have white, textured handles on your fridge, you know how grimy they can get.  Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to instantly remove all of the dirt that most cleaners leave behind.

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What’s your favorite way to use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers? Leave me a comment below!

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