Best Christmas Gifts for Kids

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Wondering what the best Christmas gifts for kids are this year?  My Holiday Gift Guide can help you out!

Holiday Gift Guide The Best Gifts for Kids - It Is a Keeper

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I attended a few blogger events this year that showcased all of this year’s hottest toys.  This list is filled with the hottest and most coveted kid’s toys!

1.  Laser Pegs: Laser Pegs are light-up building sets that come in a variety of kits.  The great part is they work with other building sets, like Lego.

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2.  Skullduggery Max TraxxxTracer Racers utilize Light Trail Technology as they blaze streaks of light on Skullduggery’s patented Glow-in-the-Dark track.

3.  Tapple: Choose a category card and start the timer on the Tapple wheel. In just 10 seconds, name a word matching the category, press the first letter of that word on the wheel, tap the button to reset the timer, and pass it along. Letters already pressed may not be used again, so the pressure mounts!

4.  JengaIt’s the classic block-stacking, stack-crashing game from my childhood. How will you stack up against the law of gravity? Stack the wooden blocks in a sturdy tower, then take turns pulling out blocks one by one until the whole stack crashes down. Is your hand steady enough to pull out the last block before the tower collapses?

5.  V-Tech Innotab Max: InnoTab MAX gives your child the best of both learning worlds with an ever-expanding library of over 650 educator-supported learning cartridges and carefully-selected educational Android apps. It’s adaptable design provides years of learning fun with a tough, kid-friendly cover that can be removed for a more grown-up fee. Plus, the huge library of expert-supported curricula including an ever-expanding selection of hand-picked Android learning apps are perfect for kids of all ages.

6.  Skylander’s Trap Team:  This is the newest Skylanders portal that allows you to trap villains and harness their powers.  There are over 60 Skylanders to collect and 40+ villains to capture.

7.  Crayola Sketch Wizard: The Sketch Wizard accurately reflects 2-D images, 3-D objects, and even images from mobile devices on paper so they’re easy for kids to trace. The unit conveniently folds up for easy portability.

8.  Nerf Rebelle Rapid Red Blaster: Secret messages are concealed on the six Message Darts that come with the Rapid Red blaster. You can reveal them with the decoder that is included with the blaster. Uncover the messages yourself, or give the decoder to a friend so that she can reveal them when you send a Message Dart to her. Slip a Message Dart into the decoder, and the message appears. The Nerf Rebelle Secrets and Spies Rapid Red blaster combines the excitement of spy missions with sports action fun for girls who love mystery, action and adventure.

9. Switch and Go Dinos Turbo Bronco The RC Triceratops Vehicle:  Bronco the RC Triceratops from Vetch’s Switch & Go Dinos Turbo transforms from a fierce dinosaur to a sleek race car with the push of a button on his remote control! Use the remote control to drive Bronco around. You can even use the turbo charge lever to charge his turbo boosters. Then, press the turbo boost button to give him a burst of speed!

10.  Make Your Cake Cell Phone Case Maker:  This is a fun gadget for the tweens in your life.  You can actually customize and make your own cell phone case.

11.  Lego FusionKeep your mini citizens happy by building shops, restaurants and more with real LEGO bricks then bringing it all to virtual life! Create restaurants, shops, fire stations, roads and more on the LEGO Fusion baseplate. Snap it into your virtual game with just a click and watch it come to life!

12.  Y-Volution Y Flicker Scooter: These scooters are all body-powered. Riders step on the platforms and move their hips and legs from side to side (just like downhill skiing) to get going and keep moving.

13. Thames & Kosmos Stepping Into ScienceBegin a lifetime of scientific investigation and understanding with 25 fun experiments in five key areas: nature, physics, chemistry, air, and water. With a 48-page guidebook, Stepping into Science teaches science fundamentals with step-by-step, hands-on experiments, while also introducing children to the scientific method itself.

14.  North Pole Communicator: Stay connected to the whos and whats of Northpole all season long. Every day Dec. 1 through Christmas, push the button and turn the knob to have a conversation with Santa or one of his Northpole friends.  You can pick up this and other North Pole items at CVS.

15.  Puppy Surprise:  The Puppy Surprise Popcorn and & Her Pups Set is perfect for the little dog lover in your house. Popcorn, the pretty plush dog, is about to become a mom. Will she have 3, 4 or 5 plush puppies? That’s the surprise.

16.  Minecraft Paper Craft: Attention Minecraft fanatics! Now you have a way to bring the crafting and magic of Minecraft to your desk with these Minecraft Papercraft Sets.  There are several to choose from and you can spend hours bringing your Minecraft world to life.

17. Battle Ready Pikachu: Bring Pokemon to life with this fun toy.  Pikachu launches foam discs either off your shoulder or on a table top or floor.

18. Disney Frozen Dresses:  Every little girl will love this beautiful travel trunk from Disney’s Frozen. She will have hours of fun pretending to be Anna and Elsa with this 20 piece set. This reusable trunk is full of beautiful items, including an Anna and Elsa dress, two headbands, two necklaces, rings and bracelets.

19. Razor Power Rider 360: Blast into the future with the Power Rider 360 – the all-new, electric powered three-wheeler from Razor. With the push of a button, you’re off – no pedaling required. Race at speeds up to 9 mph, cut full 360 degree spins, slide, even drift on Power Rider 360’s high-performance duel inclined rear caster wheels.

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