Ultimate Spring Cleaning List

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This Ultimate Spring Cleaning List will help you stay organized as you deep clean of your home. Get my best cleaning tips for your entire home here.

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The Ultimate Spring Cleaning List

Collect cleaning supplies in a bucket for easy access

Keeping all your cleaning supplies in one spot makes the spring cleaning process a breeze. Grab a bucket, and put in your favorite cleaning supplies, a few rags, and a pair of gloves. Put everything back in the  bucket when you’re finished for the next cleaning session.

Not sure what cleaning supplies you’ll need? After 20 years of cleaning, and 5 kids, my cleaning supply list is short and green. Top on my list is the Shaklee Clean Basic H2. Not only is it a frugal power house cleaner, Basic H2 is safe for my kids to use.

 Switch bed linens

One of my favorite spring cleaning activities is pulling out the lighter-weight sheets for summer. I do this on a warm spring day when I can hang them on the line to air out before putting them on the beds.

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Wash all winter linens before storing. The ideal storage spot is in the room where the sheets are being used. An under the bed storage container keeps sheets accessible yet out of the way. Another option is storing all the current season linens in a central location or near the laundry area. I store the out of season linens in plastic storage containers in our attic.

Maximize your sheet storage: How to fold a fitted sheet.

Cleaning Tips for Home The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide - It Is a Keeper

Steam clean carpets

Carpet cleaning starts with limiting the amount of dirt that gets into your carpets. In my home, the kids take off their shoes by the back door and use socks or bare feet inside. During the winter and muddy times, I lay a rag towel by the back door to prevent road salt, snow, and mud from getting tracked onto my carpets.

With 7 of us in our home, I vacuum regularly. During the school year, twice a week vacuuming is usually fine. During the summer when all the kids are home, I vacuum every other day. Always do multiple passes in different directions to lift up the carpet fibers and thus, get to all the dirt.

When I steam clean the carpets, I vacuum right before steam cleaning. This reduces the amount of dirt in the carpet fibers. Make sure you have an easy to use vacuum that completely traps the dirt in the vacuum.

Steam clean your carpets on a warm spring day when no one is home. Open the windows to let in the warm air. I also turn on the ceiling fans to maximize air flow over the damp carpet.

Replace batteries in smoke detectors.

When you turn the clocks forward in the spring or back in the fall, replace the batteries in your smoke detectors. According to the US Fire Administration, three out of five home fire deaths results from fires in homes without working smoke alarms. Basic smoke detectors cost under $10, and new batteries run under $5.

You should have smoke alarms on every floor of your home. Also, in every bedroom and in the hallway outside of each sleeping area. All smoke alarms should be on the ceiling or high on walls.

Cleaning Tips for Home: The Ultimate Spring Cleaning

Clean the windows inside and out

You can clean the inside of your windows at any time. Clean the outside of windows on a light cloudy day or when the sun is not shining directly on the windows. This helps you see anything you miss and prevents streaks on the windows.

For best results, use a squeegee and a drop of mild dish soap in a gallon of water. Rags and cloth diapers are perfect for washing and wiping windows dry.

If your windows have sashes that tilt open for easy cleaning, wipe where the windows slide up and down against each other. This helps the 2 sections of the windows to move more easily. Don’t forget to wipe inside the track, too.

Wash blinds and curtains

The best way to wash blinds is to lay them on a bath towel in the bottom of your tub. Gently spray them with the shower sprayer if it is removable. Or pour water over the blinds to loosen the grime and wipe the grime off. Rinse off the blinds, and lay them flat on an old sheet to dry in the sun.

If your curtains are machine washable, gently wash them with a small amount of laundry detergent. Curtains usually are dusty, not dirty. If your curtains say “dry clean only”, take them to a professional. The brave ones can try a dry cleaning kit at home.

Cleaning Tips for Home The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide - It Is a Keeper

Wipe off lightbulbs

Use a soft dry cloth to wipe off your lightbulbs, and sit back and enjoy the brighter light in your home. Don’t use a wet cloth or cleaning solution since the liquid can enter the bulb and damage it. Cleaning light bulbs can make a room 20% brighter, eliminating the need to add more light fixtures and lamps to the room.

Before wiping, make sure the light is turned off and completely cooled. To be completely safe, turn off the circuit breaker for the light unless you have major appliances on the same circuit.

While you’re wiping the bulbs, carefully remove and clean the glass globes. All glass globes should be washed by hand and not put in the dishwasher since they may not be dish-washer safe. You don’t want to add glass removal to your spring cleaning list.

Reverse direction on ceiling fans

In the summer, ceiling fans need to turn counter clockwise to create a cool breeze in the room. Turn the fan off when you leave the room since ceiling fans cool people, not rooms. Don’t forget to adjust your thermostat when using the ceiling fan in the summer and winter, another way to save money on energy use.

Final Tips for Spring Cleaning

  • Set aside a block of time for spring cleaning. These are not quick tasks.
  • Plan easy meals on the days you spring clean. Christina’s Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes and Slow Cooker Recipes are perfect.
  • As you work your way through your spring cleaning list, make notes about jobs that need to be done like touching up trim, mending lamp shades, or replacing faded curtains. You’ll be working on this list AFTER you finish spring cleaning.
  • If you notice items you want to get rid of, put them in a box to review later. Don’t stop and declutter.  You can easily turn your trash into treasure with my Garage Sale Tips!

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