Bedroom Organizing Ideas: Organizing Jewelry

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I’ve got some great bedroom organizing ideas for maximizing a small space with these easy, cheap tips on DIY jewelry organization.


If you’re like me, you have waaaaaay too many things that are “keepers” in your life. Don’t get me wrong – we’re not on “hoarder” status yet. But over the years, we just find so many great deals on so many great things, and next thing we know, our jewelry collections are overflowing (with what hasn’t made its way under the bed, behind the dresser or in the sink amiright?

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Or, I’m shopping. And after shopping, I’m organizing, since ain’t nobody got time to clean up piles of statement necklaces and untangle dainty chains.

I’ve mastered my collection of circa 200 pieces – and my mom’s, too – with these easy, cheap methods.

Bedroom Organizing Ideas: Organizing Jewelry

1. Embroidery Floss craft containers.

craft organizer

My own organizer is a bit beat from years of use, but it hasn’t failed me yet. Storing earrings and smaller necklaces in these is seriously game-changing; I group my earrings based on “categories” that are easily memorable to me, like statement studs or high quality gold.

These containers used to be all the rage for storing embroidery flosses, but they’re definitely multi-purposed. The best part? One *might* cost you $7. For the amount of things I store in one and for the length of time I have it, it’s a no brainer for me.

jewelry organization

jewelry storage
Why have one when you can have four?

2. Old jewelry gift boxes

Whenever you hit up the local department store jewelry counter for last-minute gifting, you’re bound to get your goodies wrapped in a nifty cardboard box.

If you’re on the receiving end (better yet!), you’ll end up with fine jewelry boxes that feel too good to throw out. (Or is that just me?) Combine these nicer pieces of *free* cardboard with inexpensive plastic dividers from Wal-mart for a completely customizable drawer interior.

This is perfect for maximizing your space, especially when you’ve got a lot of great pieces and not a lot of room! Mix and match box sizes with different plastic separators until you find your optimal fit.

jewelry boxes

jewelry plastic

3. Cork boards

Some pieces make a statement. Whether it’s on your neck, wrist, or hanging on your wall, they deserve to be showed off, right?

When deciding how to store some of my chunkiest necklaces, I knew I couldn’t just stack them all on top of one another in a box or bin under more boxes and bins. So I picked up a cheap cork board and some push pins, and I got to not-so-strategically hanging them side-by-side.

No more tangles or broken bits, and it looks so nice in my room. I get compliments on the “decor,” and I end up having requests to borrow some of the biggest hits!



What are your favorite ways to store your jewelry collections? Have you managed to DIY your way through, or did you pick up some great storage containers?

Let me know in the comments below, and hop on over to my side of the blogging pond to say hello!

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