Nutrisystem It's a Keeper

Nutrisystem Week 6: My Summer Vacation #NSNation #spon

For my sixth week of my Nutrisystem journey I was on vacation with my family at the beach.  I want to be very upfront and mention that I did not follow the plan this past week.

Instead, I chose to make sensible meal and snack choices while away.  However, with that being said, I am pleased to report that I did NOT gain any weight!

We all know how hard it is to maintain any healthy eating plan while traveling.  The are many temptations and it’s just too easy to rationalize bad eating habits.

Nutrisystem It's a Keeper

Nutrisystem Week 5: Still Coming Along #NSNation #spon

I just finished my fifth week of my Nutrisystem journey. I am down another pound, making 16 total pounds!  While this week was only a little victory — the scale was moving in the right direction.

The Nutrisystem way has now become more routine for me.  I’ve found foods that I’m comfortable with and that keep me full between meals and snacks.  I’m also able to pre-plan and organize my meals for the week based on my schedule.  That makes it super easy to make sure I’m staying on track.

Nutrisystem It's a Keeper

Nutrisystem Week 4: I’m Noticing Changes! #NSNation #spon

Last week was the end of my fourth week of my Nutrisystem adventure. I am down another six (!!) pounds, making 15 total pounds!

That’s 15 pounds in a month and a half!  I have to admit, I was totally floored when I got on the scale and saw that!

As with most things, I tend to get bored very quickly.  But, this little victory has provided a new motivation to keep going.

Nutrisystem It's a Keeper

Nutrisystem Week 3: I’m Noticing Changes! #NSNation #spon

I just finished my third week of my Nutrisystem adventure. I am down another two pounds, making 9 total pounds!  But the best part is…I’m noticing changes in the way my clothes are fitting!

I was never one for weighing myself regularly – even when I was much thinner.  Instead, I tend to judge by how my clothes fit.

The other night, I had an event and pulled out some of my summer clothes from last year.  I wore a pair of capri pants that fit me perfectly last summer.  But when I put them on they were too big!  I didn’t even need to unbutton them to pull them on or off!  

Nutrisystem It's a Keeper

Nutrisystem Week 2: The Food is Great! #NSNation #spon

I just finished my second week of my Nutrisystem adventure. I am down another pound, making 7 total pounds!  Not too shabby for two weeks.
This past week was a little difficult for me because I had to travel out of town for a few days.  It was difficult to  completely stick to the plan.  I did try to make sensible choices while I was away and drink plenty of water.  I’m  sure this is why I only lost one pound.  But a pound is a pound and I’ll take it!

Nutrisystem It's a Keeper

Nutrisystem Week 1: It’s So Easy! #NSNation #spon

Well, I have finished Week 1 of my Nutrisystem adventure and am starting into my second week.  First of all, let me start off by saying how easy this program is!

As soon as I got my package, I read the guidebook cover to cover.  There are lots of good suggestions and recommendations.  They also sent me two meal journals.  I have found this to be invaluable.  I keep it right on my kitchen counter so I can easily see what I need to eat and when.

Nutrisystem It's a Keeper

I am a NutriSystem Nation Blogger! #NSNation #spon

I’m so excited to share with you that I have been selected to participate in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger program!  For the next 4 months, I’ll be following the Nutrisystem program and sharing my weekly progress here.

Last year, my heart decided to give me a little scare.  I was in the ER trauma unit, seconds away from getting the dreaded paddles. It was then that I realized that I’m much too young for this to happen. And, I need to stay healthy for my family. The whole thing was enough to push me to make changes in my life, like eliminating stress and adopting a healthier lifestyle.   

Adventures in Renovation It's a Keeper

Adventures in Renovation: The 3 R’s

If you recall, my husband and I in the midst of a pretty substantial renovation.  We’re adding about 1,200 sf to our house — there will be a kitchen (yay!), dining room, living room, 1/2 bath and a laundry room.  Underneath….a full basement.  Lots of great, usable space!

The floor plans
It's a Keeper

I *Heart* my Readers!

I had a revelation today. In the middle of my workday (at my real job). Here’s how it all started….

After a meeting at work the other day, I was chit chatting with some of my readers. I mean really chit chatting…you know, like talking. Not typing. Live and in person. One woman was telling me that she enjoys reading my posts and often sends the recipes to her niece. What a compliment! I’m still amazed that people other than my family members (who I basically stalk and force to read IAK) are actually reading and sharing *GASP* what I have to say!

williams sonoma

Thank You, Williams-Sonoma!

Yesterday, I had the BEST time spending my $1,000 Williams-Sonoma gift card — the grand prize I won in  their Easy Weeknight Dinner recipe contest.  My husband and I spent the better part of a day picking out what we wanted at the WS in the King of Prussia (PA) mall.

washing dishes

The Not-So-Fun Side of It’s a Keeper

For the past (almost) 14 months, I have loved every single thing about writing this blog.  The recipes (even the ‘not-a-keepers’), sharing the results with you, your suggestions and feedback…everything!   Ok, well not everything.  The overflowing sink filled with dirty dishes on a regular basis is one thing I could do with out!