Gnocchi Cream Sauce Recipe

Gnocchi and Parmesan Garlic Sauce

It was one of those nights. I got home from work late. I hadn’t been to the butcher so we didn’t have any meat. What would we have for dinner? The natives were getting restless. I found myself standing in front of the pantry staring blankly into the abyss. Nothing in there inspired me. Maybe there was something in the fridge. I found a package of pre-made gnocchi. Hmmm…that had possibilities. I found some leftover heavy cream. OK. I can see this coming together. Ohh! A hunk of parmesan cheese. I think I’ve got something here. Gnocchi with Parmesan Cream Sauce! Oh, and some broccoli too! Gnocchi and Broccoli in a Parmesan Cream Sauce. Ding. Ding. We have a winner!

American Pierogies It's a Keeper

American Pierogies

This recipe is pure, unadulterated comfort food!  I’m going to warn you right now…there is absolutely NOTHING healthy about this recipe.  While it may not be very nutritious, it is one of those recipes that just makes you feel cozy.  It’s warm and comforting and oh so good!

And, it reminds of my childhood!  My mom used to make this recipe for us when we were kids.  If I remember correctly (it’s been a while now!), my mother made this for one of my first sleep-over parties.  We must have been pretty hungry girls because we polished off an entire pan of the stuff and asked her to make more!  It is THAT good! 

Balsamic Quinoa Salad

Balsamic Quinoa Salad

I’ve been hearing so much about quinoa lately but I have to admit I’ve never had it. That is, until now. Quinoa (pronounced “keen-wa”) is a seed-like whole grain that cooks just like rice. It was first eaten by Incan warriors as their fuel for battle because it gave them such good energy and power. Quinoa is not only high in protein but is also:

Three Cheese Garden Pizza

My sister recently became a Pampered Chef consultant and wanted to try out some of the new recipes she will have to make at the parties she’s having.

This afternoon, she unexpectedly brought me a slice of her Three Cheese Garden Pizza ala Dina!