Here I Go…

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OK…I’m getting my feet wet with this whole blogging thing. I don’t even know if anyone (other than my husband and family — I HOPE!) is even going to read this. So, here we go…

We’ll start with the basics. I’m a working mother. I work full-time. I love my job. I can honestly say that (most days) I don’t mind going to work. Although, I would LOVE to be a SAHM (read: stay-at-home-mom).

I have a beautiful, energetic, tractor-loving almost 4 year old son and a wonderful, supportive, also tractor-loving husband (PS..he also took the photo in the blog’s header! He’s quite the photographer!).   These two guys are my guinnea pigs.

See, this is a cooking blog. I love to cook.  I think I always have, ever since I was little. I recently realized that I am completely relaxed when I’m cooking.  Maybe it’s because I have to use all of my senses.  Or, maybe it’s because, while there are rules with cooking/baking, there is also room to be creative.  It’s the perfect balance of yin and yang.

I’m sure that many of you (if anyone is even reading this) do the same thing I do…you see a recipe in a magazine, book, website, etc. The picture (if there is one) looks delicious. The recipe sounds easy enough. So you cut/rip/print it out. Then you put it in the pile-of-things-I’ll-try-one-of-these days.

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Well, my pile-of-things-I’ll-try-one-of-these days had 337 recipes* in it. Do you want to know how I know? I counted them.

As part of my after Christmas organizing frenzy, I vowed to sort through that mess and put it in some sort of order. The rest of my resolution was to try these recipes. Not just shuffle, organize and store them indefinitely. But to cook and bake every last one of them and, then, decide once and for all if it’s a keeper.

So here I am. Armed with my pile of (now 259) recipes and a new blog account. I am going to try these recipes that I’ve collected. And, I’m going to post the results here. I’ll let you know how it turned out, how easy (or hard) it was, how I would tweak it, and so on.

Remember those guinnea pigs I mentioned before? They are my taste testers. Well, them and the rest of my family — parents, siblings, in-laws, friends and anyone else that we happen to have over for dinner! I’ll also let you know what they thought of my little experiments. I’ll tell you the good, bad and the ugly.

Well, here I go….I’m off to search through pile for the first one to try. Stay tuned! And, thanks for reading!

*This tally does NOT include my three recipe boxes and nearly 100 cookbooks.

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