20+ Moist Carrot Cake Recipes

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There is nothing like a super moist carrot cake to round out a meal.  It’s the perfect combination of  sweet and savory. These delicious recipes will definitely make you crave some moist carrot cake. 

A collection of moist carrot cake recipes

Carrots aren’t just your favorite dinner side. They can be part of a rich and delicious dessert for any occasion.

Despite its feature ingredient being a delicious veggie, carrot cake is far from a disappointing dessert option. Whether it’s a simple carrot cake recipe or a delicious twist like carrot cake cookies, there’s a recipe for you.

Simple Carrot Cake

A simple carrot cake recipe is a must-have for every kitchen. These recipes are guaranteed to put a smile on absolutely everyone’s face!

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A collection of moist carrot cake recipes

Carrot Cake with Pineapple and Fruit

As if the carrot wasn’t already delicious enough, these recipes incorporate delicious fruit twists like carrot cake with pineapple!

A collection of moist carrot cake with pineapple recipes

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Carrot Cake Cheesecake and Other Twists

There’s no denying that a classic carrot cake is delicious, but these simple and fun recipes with a twist are just as great. From carrot cake cheesecake to carrot cake cookies, there is a carrot cake recipe for everything!

A collection of moist carrot cake recipes with a twist

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