Strawberry Trifle

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I love trifles.  It’s probably because I’m the world’s worst cake cutter and server.  Or, maybe it’s all of the pretty layers. My mom made this amazing strawberry trifle for my sister’s Memorial Day party. And, since I’m on a strawberry kick this week, I thought I would share her recipe with you.

There is just something about a dessert that isn’t fussy.  Trifles are the antithesis (good word, huh?!) of fussy.  You can’t really mess up when you make them.  And, you definitely can’t mess them up when serving them.  That’s my kind of dessert. 

This particular strawberry trifle looked spectacular!   And, it tasted even better.   It was super light and very refreshing – perfect for a summer get-together.  Thanks for the great recipe, Mom!


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