Italian Wedding Soup

Italian Wedding Soup It's a Keeper

In the winter, I have a love affair with soup.  It tickles my fancy and it warms my soul.  OK, I don’t know about the soul part, but it makes me feel good and I love it!

I especially love soups that are full of hearty goodness.  Lots of veggies.  Rich broth.  And, of course a little cheese doesn’t hurt either!

I have a particular affinity for Italian Wedding Soup.  Maybe it’s my Italian heritage coming through.  Or, maybe it’s because I love the little meatballs?  It’s probably the meatballs!  Until recently, I never made my own Italian Wedding Soup.  I thought it was too complicated.  You have to make a broth and then dozens of little meatballs.  It was one of the dishes that I would rather order out.  Until recently.

I took the best parts (according to me) of several recipes and combined them all to come up with this one.


Is it a Keeper?

Italian Wedding Soup It's a KeeperThis soup warms my soul.  And, tickles my fancy too.  I just love it!  I loved how everything is so little.  The little meatballs.  The little pasta.  Mmmm.

The ground chicken meatballs poach beautifully in the broth.  They are tender and light.  And, I love, love, love the brightness that comes from the lemon zest!  It wakes the flavors up.

You need to make this soup.  That’s an order!

I’m just kidding.  But really, you should give it a try.  It’s not that hard to make and the payoff is so worth it!

The next time I make this soup, I’m making a double (maybe a triple) batch and freezing it. That way I can have it whenever my fancy needs to be tickled!



It's a Keeper


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