Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas

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These Christmas decoration storage ideas will help you stay organized as you’re packing everything away.

Decorating for the holiday is so much easier when you pack up your holiday decorations carefully.  Here are some great Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas to inspire you.

Smart Christmas decoration storage ideas

If you take the time to carefully pack away your holiday decorations, you will save yourself a ton of time (and aggravation) when it comes to decoration next year.  I like to store all of my decorations in these clear storage totes.

Then I neatly stack all of my totes in one of these storage units.  This storage unit is a fantastic way to organize your decorations and other items you store.  You can read more about how I use them to organize school work here.

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Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas

I also use other storage items to make sure that my decorations are safe and secure and my holiday lights don’t turn into a big, tangled mess.  I’m sharing all of my ideas with you below.

Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas

Smart Christmas decoration storage ideas

Watch my Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas TV Segment

I shared a bunch of my best tips and tricks with Ryan Leckey on the WNEP morning news (my local ABC affiliate) recently.  Check out the clips here!

Holiday Decoration Storage Label Printables

Christmas Decoration Storage Labels

Other Holiday Decoration Storage Labels

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