Best Pasta Salad Recipes

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Perfect for the summer, the easy pasta salad recipe is a staple. Here are 35 easy and incredibly delicious recipes you need to try! 

collection of the best easy pasta salad recipe

Nothing pairs better with hotdogs and hamburgers than pasta salad. Pasta salad is similar to macaroni salad, but made with a variety of pastas, veggies, cheeses, creamy and a vinegarette dressing!

Pasta salads are usually served cold. Chicken pasta salad or vegetarian pasta salad, and so much more. They are s easy and so good to cook!

Chicken Pasta Salad Recipes

Add some protein and make some chicken pasta salad!  The easy pasta salad recipe is perfect for that summer BBQ! Here is a variety of pasta salad recipes that are too delicious to resist!

collection of the best easy pasta salad recipe with chicken

Vegetarian Pasta Salad Recipe

For those veggie lovers or for those who don’t want meat in their pasta salad, these recipes are a perfect combination of pasta & fresh veggies! Nothing says a hot summer day, than a healthy pasta salad!

 collection of the best easy pasta salad recipe for vegetarians

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Italian Pasta Salad Recipe

These recipes are twists on classic Italian dishes & uses Italian seasonings! The Italian pasta salad recipe is so delicious that whole family will love it! Check them out below!

collection of the best italian pasta salad recipe

Classic & Easy Pasta Salad Recipe

Everyone needs a classic macaroni and pasta salad recipe in their recipe box. All these recipes are a classic easy pasta salad recipe that are perfect for that summer night!

collection of the best easy pasta salad recipe

Tuna Pasta Salad Recipe

Tuna is another great fish alternative to eat! So, why not add some fresh tuna into your pasta salad!  The tuna easy pasta salad recipe is a healthy pasta salad recipe that everyone needs! Family and friends can’t get enough of these dishes!

collection of the best easy pasta salad recipe with tuna

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