25 Air Fryer Wings Recipes

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Try these amazing and easy air fryer wings recipes for your next wing night! These incredible and mouth watering wings are made in the air fryer and covered in incredible sauces. 

Collection of Air Fryer Wings

No matter what time of day it is or how often you get them, chicken wings are the perfect meal for any occasion. They are perfect for an amazing party, the big game, or just a night in watching Netflix. Chicken wings are one of my favorite meals to enjoy and now they are better thanks to these air fryer wings recipe.

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The air fryer basically cut out so much oil, that these easy air fryer recipes could be a healthier option than the ones from the pizzeria. Not only healthier, but they are just as delicious …maybe even better, in all honesty.

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These chicken wing air fryer recipes come in so many delicious varieties that it will be hard to choose a favorite. With sauces that are so popular and tasty, you will be able to enjoy a different version every week. From plain air fryer wings recipe to hot buffalo sauce air fryer wings recipe, there isn’t one that you could dislike.

Simple and Classic Air Fryer Wings

Chicken wings can with so many and flavorful sauce but here are a few recipes for the lovers of plain chicken wings, or for the lovers of only spices and not sauces, or the classic, mild sauce chicken wing lovers. These air fryer wings are perfect for those relaxing night in.

Nothing too crazy and super easy to make, but these air fryer recipes pack a whole lot of punches of flavors. They are amazing!!

Collection of Air Fryer Wings

Air Fryer Wings with Crazy Sauces

Now for those spice-lovers and risk takers, here are a few amazing and incredibly delicious air fryer wings recipes that will sure make you jump for joy.

They might seem like a challenge thanks to the name of the recipes, but don;t let that stop you. These are worthwhile air fryer recipes that deserve all the time in the world. And believe me when I say this, your taste buds will thank you for the tasty air fryer wings.

Collection of Air Fryer Wings

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