20 Insanely Fun Outdoor Party Games

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Here are 20 Insanely Fun Outdoor Party Games to add some excitement to your next gathering.

20 Insanely Fun Outdoor Party Games

Now that summer is upon us, it’s time to party outside with some fun outdoor games. To help make the event the best-ever, I’ve compiled a list of 20 Insanely Fun Outdoor Party Games

This list has everything from classic outdoor games such as water balloons, freeze tag and a scavenger hunt to new, DIY activities like the Swedish lawn game, bocce ball, and a treasure hunt that will have your family and friends talking for weeks after the party.

One of the best parts about large outdoor parties, like family reunions or pool parties, are fun party games! I love outdoor games – everything from the classics like sack races at the local park or in your own backyard and scavenger hunts with a fun twist to sillier games (Freestyle Shake-a-thon and Synchronized Snack Toss below).

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Games are also a great ice breaker. They are a fun way to help everyone get to know each other a little better. It’s hard to be shy playing a round of yard Twister- a little friendly competition is never a bad thing!

I’ve put together a list of 20 Insanely Fun Games you can play at your next party for lots of fun! Check them out! These are the best outdoor party games. Don’t forget about the classics though like water games, bean bags, hula hoops, tic tac toe, ring toss, frisbee gold and an obstacle course!

20 Insanely Fun Outdoor Party Games

20 Fun Outdoor Party Games

  1. Life Size Hungry Hippos
  2. Water Balloon Piñata
  3. Ring Toss
  4. Backyard Kerplunk
  5. Yard Jenga
  6. Use Your Noodle
  7. DIY Cornhole
  8. Synchronized Snack Toss
  9. Freestyle Shake-a-Thon
  10. Lawn Twister
  11. Popcorn Drop
  12. Bobbing for Donuts
  13. Sponge Bombs
  14. Bottle Bowling
  15. Water Gun Relay
  16. Balloon Stomp
  17. Frozen T-shirt Race
  18. Fishing for Marbles
  19. Outdoor Pictionary
  20. Flipper Fill Up

More Fun Outdoor Activities

In addition to games and activities, you will also need a few other things to ensure a great party.

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